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Postby Cece » Sun May 22, 2011 7:53 pm

Los Angeles, CA - ROCKtropia, The Music Virtual World, is very proud to announce the first " Make the Devil Pay " event. Gamers from all over the world are invited to battle virtual evil in hell to save and change the real world!
ROCKtropia's first campaign in its brand new Hell event area, aims to raise up to $15,000 for Erica Cowell's liberation Fund.
Funds will be collected in the form of taxes on Demon Hunting and mining that takes place in the ROCKtropia Hell Mines.
Cyber-Celebrity, Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, founder of ROCKtropia stated " I have known Erica's avatar for a few years and have been touched by her enthusiasm and passion for life, the Liberation Treatment appears to be quite an extraordinary breakthrough in the treatment of MS and provides hope where the was once little or none. I am very keen to put the awesome power of ROCKtropia's real cash economy to the test to help make a difference in Erica's Life, I also believe this a great opportunity to empower gamers to show their might and make a difference as a community."

One of the more interesting benefit events for CCSVI venoplasty that I've come across. Funds will be collected in the form of taxes on demon hunting and mining in the hell mines. Naturally. :wink:

If anyone is interested in joining ROCKtropia, it is free to make an avatar and join.

I wish Erica and ROCKtropia success in this.

press release:
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Postby Blaze » Tue May 24, 2011 3:46 pm

Very timely, considering the world ended on Saturday, May 21. Oh wait, that didn't happen. It was postponed to October 21.

I hope Erica taxes all those devils before then and gets liberated!
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Postby LadyJazz » Wed May 25, 2011 11:03 am

Thanks Blaze!

As many Entropians know, I am a big fan of Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, and was so completely touched by his actions to help me!
I first met him (his avatar) in-game over five years ago, and had seen a documentary on television.
The man inspired me then, and still does as I watch him continue to make dreams a reality!

Thank you again, NEVERDIE, and thank you to everyone who supports this cause to make me healthy again!

Rock on!

Erica Cowell
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