3rd Procedure last week... tiny improvements again

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3rd Procedure last week... tiny improvements again

Postby dc10 » Fri May 27, 2011 7:51 am

I had my third liberation (balloon dilation) 2weeks ago and thought id share the results.

this time i showed the new IR images on where to balloon, and stressed he checked my renal, illiac and ascending lumbar veins and treat.
- i also asked him to check for may thurner when i am on my stomach, but he said he couldnt due to the position of the wire entering my groin.

I was under general anaesthesia and when i woke the IR explained what was done.

he said my renal and lumbar veins were tiny and too small to balloon, i had mild stenosis in both jugular veins and several stenosis spots on my azygos vein - these were all ballooned,

in my last 2 procedures - 1st just ballooned IJVs, 2nd procedure ballooned IJVS - But the wrong area, and the aygos in one area.
in the first 2 procedures they used balloons 14mm diameter for the IJVs and up to 10mm for the azygous (only ballooned in 2nd procedure) .

This new IR said he ballooned the veins more aggressively in hope i dont restenose,
he dilated the right IJV 'proximally until 10mm, distally until 18mm, the left jugular vein until 16mm'.

Percutaneous exploration of the aygos vein showed hypoplasia and several stenosis dilated until 10mm.
Percutaneous exploration of the left illiac vein showed no signs of stenosis. "

After the 1st procedure where they correctly ballooned my IJVs i saw slight improvemens in my balance, bladder and my spasticity / stiffness vanished, however this only lasted 4 weeks,

after this procedure i have seen the same slight improvements, i have an EDSS of 6.0 which i believe is the same but very slight improvement,

Here are the images i have from the procedure:



Do you feel the stenosis was ballooned adequately?
Has anything being missed based on these images? These were all the images i was given

Is there anything i can ask the IR that would give me more information about the procedure?

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Postby Cece » Fri May 27, 2011 7:59 am

dc10, can you identify which images are from after the vein was ballooned?
Maybe Dr. Sclafani or Dr. Cumming will weigh in on this.
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Postby dc10 » Sat May 28, 2011 8:21 am

i think i can but not too sure about the azygos as in the 2nd iomage of the azygos i cant see any contrast dye,

i wanted to make sure the IR ballooned my veins adequately, being incorrectly treated TWICE has made me paranoid i guess.

the IR also said i had stenosis near my right ear which was ballooned..shame theres not an image showing this

in images 1, 4, and 6 i guess these are the big balloons the IR used (18mm/16mm)
but in the past procedures the balloons looked nothing like this. they were a solid oblong shape

thank you
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