6 Month Update

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6 Month Update

Postby TFau » Thu Jun 23, 2011 1:03 pm

Hi Everyone:

My husband was diagnosed with PPMS in 1997. About 6 months ago he was treated for CCSVI by Dr. Mandato in Albany. His left and right jugulars and azygous were treated by angioplasty.

Before the procedure, he had weakness on his left side, fatigue, questionable balance, a pale, drawn face, and urinary hesitancy.

Immediately after the procedure, his left hand was less curled. Within a couple of days, we could tell that the spasticity in his left leg had lessened. Most of all, he had colour in his face and had more energy. He reported that his balance was better.

In Albany, the team mentioned that part of my husband's musculature was pressing against one of his veins, so I wanted him to try upper cervical chiropractic care. After 3 months, he tried some of that. We don't know if it helped. Around the same time he started Crestor for cholesterol, and within weeks we noticed that he felt weaker all over, he was tired, and his leg was twitching at night. At first I thought that the UCC was making it worse, but then I started researching Crestor and found that it can have these side effects. He has stopped Crestor, and the new weakness has gone away. However, I still don't know if the UCC helped.

Now, 6 months out, I can say that he is still experiencing benefit from the procedure in Albany in terms of his fatigue, colour, and balance. His left hand is as curled as before the procedure and his left leg is as spastic (stiff) as it was before the procedure. We're glad that he had the procedure done. We don't know if it has slowed progression because his progression was very slow anyway.

I'm sorry that I haven't reported sooner, but we've been focussing on other health issues in out family. We are hopeful that CCSVI will be found to be a benefit in Canada and we can try it again.

Now I have to try and catch up on what is happening in the thisisms world!
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