Blood vessels are "scaffolding" for axonal repair

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Blood vessels are "scaffolding" for axonal repair

Postby cheerleader » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:31 am

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have shown how important healthy blood vessels are for the healing of damaged axons and nerves. Blood vessels actually form the scaffolding, or supportive network, upon which axons can regenerate. If the blood vessels are not healthy, the axons can't repair. Healthy blood vessels need an intact endothelium, or lining, in order to communicate with the rest of the body.

This study was conducted on patients with diabetes. Biopsies were taken from their thighs, and the sites of healing were studied. This is a different disease process than MS, in that these neuropathies are "peripheral" or involving the limbs, not "central" and involving the brain. Instead of oliogodendrocytes forming around axons, peripheral nerves are covered by Schwann cells. But the process of healing damaged axons might be very important for us to understand in MS research...(especially since we are not able to study brain biopsies and axonal regeneration in vivo.)

Here is the press release from Johns Hopkins released this week---

Blood vessels and supporting cells appear to be pivotal partners in repairing nerves ravaged by diabetic neuropathy, and nurturing their partnership with nerve cells might make the difference between success and failure in experimental efforts to regrow damaged nerves, Johns Hopkins researchers report in a new study.

Here is the abstract: ... 3.abstract
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