Does Physio benefit CCSVI/MS patients mobility?

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Does Physio benefit CCSVI/MS patients mobility?

Postby dc10 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:33 am

Before i book some physiotherapy sessions i wanted to know whether it benefits MS/CCSVI patients mobility?

I have an EDSS of 6.0- 6.5 and do question whether physio can benefit my mobility?

as we know that damage is done to the myelin sheath , can physiotherapy actually improve the distance you can walk, balance, footdrop ?

i am quite sceptical on how much a patiewnts mobility can improve by moving/stretching certain muscles

- p.s i have SPMS and CCSVI - Ijvs and azygos which has been ballooned 3 times.

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Postby Cece » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:32 pm

the idea is to look for stroke rehab therapies, I think
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Postby blossom » Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:36 pm

hi dc10, i think most of us have done therapy through the yrs. at one time or another, but most of us like myself give it up because we get discouraged because you still see deteriotation. then, all of a sudden you wind up in a wheelchair and you see real fast how lack of movement really takes its toll.

i got even worse more rapidly after the ccsvi procedure. in home therapy in our neck of the woods is next to worthless.

so for the first time i am admitting myself into a rehabilation facility. they are supposed to have state of the art rehab toys. we'll see. i've had my eye on a high tech toy and this place has one.

i'm getting too close to the pits of hell that these symptoms they call ms slowly but surely drags us into.

monday or tues. of next week i go in. not sure if i will be there a week or two. depends how i do. i am hopeing it helps and if it does they will have to pry my one half normal hand off the machine and drag my sorry little chubby crippled butt out the door to get me to leave.

anyway, i'll let you know. in the meantime try to do whatever you can because any motion is better than no motion. i used to have a t-shirt that said i move like a turtle but it beats sitting still. how true.
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Postby dc10 » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:18 pm

thanks for the replies,

as i walk a bit everyday say about 500 metres per day, spread out through the day
i use a 'power trainer' machine for 5-10 minutes each day.
i also do a weight training (full body) routine three times a week.

would this mean physio would not be beneficial / necessary ?

cece, how would stroke therapy benefit a CCSVI/MS patient with nerve/myelin sheath damage?
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Re: Does Physio benefit CCSVI/MS patients mobility?

Postby CureOrBust » Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:44 pm

dc10 wrote:...can physiotherapy actually improve the distance you can walk, balance, footdrop ?...
Not scientific, however, I simply personally made a concious effort to overly lift my right toe when I picked my right foot up (when walking), and since then, I do not think I have dragged that toe as often; actually can not remember doing it recently. Purely anecdotal, but enough to get me to now do a similar thing when walking up stairs (i tended to kick the next step up with that foot also).
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