CCSVI - Jennifer's turn????

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CCSVI - Jennifer's turn????

Postby DaisyGirl » Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:39 pm

I am writing to you today in the hopes of some help.
My friend Jordan has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and reach out to people to help raise the last $2,000 needed to have CCSVI (info below) done.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in July 2007. I was told at this time that I have relapsing – remitting Multiple Sclerosis, as in 2000 I had optical neuritis (a possible sign of MS). The optical neuritis episode left me with limited vision in my right eye. The symptom that brought the query of MS up again in 2007 was an extreme sensitivity to cold on my left side. Anything slightly chilled gave me black and blue pain to the point of tears.

Since then:
• I continue to have sensitivity to cold, although not as extreme as in 2007. This leaves me unable to go in any water that is not at least bathtub temperature. Winter is a painful time, as the cold really gets to my leg.
• I suffer from extreme fatigue and am on medication for this but some days are still hard from the fatigue angle.
• I have numbness in my left leg all the time.
• I can experience numbness in my arms and face, usually when any kind of stress
• My left leg gets tired quicker than my right leg.
• I can't run or jump because it makes my left leg feel very bad.
• I sometimes have issues with my memory, attention, abstract reasoning, and word finding.
These areas were of no difficulty for me before my MS diagnosis.
I had been on a waiting list to have the procedure in Albany, New York, USA. As this was among the least expensive procedures for CCSVI I could find. I received a call 3 weeks ago from the Albany Clinic with a date to have CCSVI done.
The date I have been given is July 28, 2011.

After looking at our finances, we wonder how we can cover the cost of CCSVI. The last couple years have been tough financially. I have only been able to work part-time. Over the past two years I have had increasing symptoms and relapses, I worry that the disease will progress without possibility to get back. I have been in contact with many people who have gone for the CCSVI procedure, and the results have been amazing!

I thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,
Any donation would be greatly appreciated
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Have your Atlas in cervical spine checked first

Postby fee001 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:03 pm


A misaligned Atlas, which is the first bone of the spine that seperates it from the head.

The cervical spine is crucial to allow messages and blood flow to function properly.

I have had my Atlas re adjusted and my eyesight and bloodflow immediately improved, this I did not expect and was a total surprise.

I am continued treatment on now my misaligned/wonky spine which has happened as a result of the Atlas over 10 years.

Google ..Atlas cervical spine and blood flow.... you should get some relevant info up

I do my own research, and find my own answers Its good to talk
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