Dr. Ed Underwood of UAB

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Dr. Ed Underwood of UAB

Postby Cece » Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:10 pm

I ran across some comments at CCSVI Locator by Dr. Ed Underwood of University of Alabama - Birmingham. I did a search to make sure this is the same Dr. Underwood that HappyPoet, bluesky, dlb and myself had the pleasure of talking with during the happy hour bar after the AAC symposium Patient Day. Indeed, the picture matches the memory. It's good to see doctors making themselves available to us CCSVI patients in this way. I can't think of any precedent for the way we have had patient-doctor online interaction in a discovery process such as this, can you?

During the search I also turned up this, which is a positive patient experience from someone treated by Dr. Underwood:

http://www.ccsvi.nl/prikbord/Direct.asp ... ost:112493

Here's the picture that came up:
http://www.bhamhealth.com/wp-content/up ... ,_m.d..jpg

For those also on CCSVI Locator, here's a very short post from him:
(He is saying that jugular stenting should be discouraged.)
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