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Postby Cece » Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:41 pm
Session XVI: Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency

CCSVI Today: Unanswered Questions
Dr. Dake

What's New in Diagnostic Methodologies?
Dr. Zamboni

CCSVI: Making Collaboration Work
Dr. Burks

Imaging Evaluation of CCSVI Patients
Dr. Machan

Technique and Pitfalls of Intervention for CCSVI
Dr. Siskin

Current Status of CCSVI in Canada
Dr. Machan

Outcomes of a Single Center Experience
Dr. Siskin

Ongoing Research Initiatives
Dr. Dake

Not too early to get excited about ISET either.... :)

Dr. Dake's talk on unanswered questions in CCSVI might be a long one. We might not even know all that we do not know....

Is plethysmography what's new in diagnostic methodologies? Or the reduction from 5 to 4 in the criteria for the doppler imaging protocol, dropping the deep cervical veins as a measurement? Or is there something new?

Does Dr. Burks still think our CCSVI docs are a bunch of cowboys?

Will Dr. Siskin add IVUS to his techniques? Or does he not think it adds value to the procedure? How many patients have been treated at Albany Medical Center? The number has to be high and getting higher. The pitfalls of intervention have been much discussed here. Dr. Siskin earlier had a study on the safety of CCSVI procedure, which looked quite favorable, but that is only looking at the procedure itself and the immediate aftermath, and some of the pitfalls of intervention, such as thrombosis, take longer to form. I will be interested in hearing more of what he says.

Ok, the current status of CCSVI in Canada is not what I would have it be, but there has been some progress with announcing studies, and the meta-analysis by Dr. L. came back favorable to CCSVI. I would prefer Dr. Machan had more material to work with, but we'll have to wait on Canada.

Does Dr. Siskin's "outcomes" speech refer to patient outcomes?

Will Dr. Dake's "Ongoing research initiatives" include a trial of his own?
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