clotted azygous veins

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clotted azygous veins

Postby Cece » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:12 pm

I have only heard of three patients with clotted azygous veins. One is a poster here, one posted two weeks ago in this deep vein thrombosis forum ( ) and one was told to me anecdotally.

It seems to me that a clotted azygous as a result of the procedure is rare, but that there is also no easy way to know the incidence, because the azygous cannot be easily assessed.

All three patients who have had an occluded azygous due to complications of the procedure also report declining health.

My concern for people who have ballooning or stenting done in the azygous would be these three things: that it is an accurate diagnosis of azygous stenosis and not unnecessary treatment; that it is ballooned with an appropriately sized balloon for the size of the azygous vein so as to not risk damage due to oversizing; and that appropriate anticoagulation be prescribed.

Intravascular ultrasound is useful not just in determining what is a stenosis in the azygous, but also in determining what is not a stenosis.

We need our jugulars, and we need our azygous vein.
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Re: clotted azygous veins

Postby blossom » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:49 pm


then most,say like myself, who had angioplasty of the jugulars and the azygous vein are only sure with the jugulars when getting dopplers done. right? so anyone of us could have azygous thrombosis or scarring and not know it. unless we had a second procedure and they caught it. right? or am i way off base?

also i was thinking when i was getting my doppler done fri. "18" mo. after procedure and i was asking questions. i always get the femorale area checked too. but, i'll be the first to admit i do not know the names and the geography of all this. so in my questions to the doppler tech. i said ok, now if they entered here at the femoral vein and the jugulars are ok then everything in between should be ok. then she explained the geography and names of veins in between. "which i am not able to explain correctly and remember the names etc." but within my own thinking i understand. anyhow, nothing is being checked in between. she said it would have to be checked with a ct scan or there was another way but i can't remember. it would make sence that anywhere that balloon traveled through could cause problems but we aren't able to get that checked out very easy. so, this juglar doppler saying all is well is not 100 percent. sorta like it's better than nothing but the rest is like a crap shoot.

you're pretty good at specifics with this it seems. can you answer this or should dr. sclafani if he will.

this all seemed so easy and cut and dried when we first learned about it.
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