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Dr. Hubbard at ISNVD

Postby Cece » Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:40 am

Dr. Hubbard: Pre & post venoplasty changes in venous undershoot are significant when measured using BOLD technologies
Dr. Hubbard: MS patients had half the healthy control flow volumes in both white and grey matter
Dr. Hubbard: After venoplasty, flow increases slightly; perfusion may move to different areas & even locally decrease
Dr. Hubbard: Increased perfusion in white matter incr. significantly postvenoplasty in 1 patient; no change in grey matter
Dr. Hubbard: Changes in perfusion post venoplasty were not tested whether they were due to heparin use during procedure
Dr. Hubbard (question fr. Dr. Code): Long term fluctuations in perfusion not measured; we tend to look at jugular flow

This is in regards to Dr. Hubbard's perfusion studies, with fMRI done pre- and post-venoplasty.

MS patients had half the healthy control flow volumes in gray and white matter!! Yikes.

I thought it significant that after venoplasty, the flow only increase slightly. The perfusion may move to different areas and even locally decrease?? I had heard from someone who after venoplasty had experienced many new lesions in a different part of the brain (back/brainstem, when all previous lesions were in the front). This might be the explanation: a local decrease in perfusion in that area of the brain, even if perfusion increased overall? Or is there a better explanation? Checking for restenosis of the veins is always top of the list, as is remaining under neurologist care and DMD if that is prescribed.

I wonder how soon the changes in perfusion were measured post-venoplasty, and how long it takes heparin to get out of the system. The changes in perfusion are also not all immediate, but can take a day or two.
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