Dr. Schelling's words after his return from Orlando.

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Dr. Schelling's words after his return from Orlando.

Postby Rici » Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:11 pm

Quote from my email to the Ministry of Health:
On the ISNVD Meeting in Orlando, Florida, the usual misconception of CCSVI-related damages to brain and spinal cord in terms of just a critical slowing down of local blood circulation could widely be overcome

It was shown that those damages to brain and spinal cord which are unique to MS can be brought about only by retrograde venous impacts into cerebral veins opening into the straight sinus respectively into epidural veins of the spinal canal. In this way a clear understanding, reliable detection and sure elimination of both structural and functional dispositions to corresponding venous brain lesions and ligamentary spinal cord affections can be arrived at.

The manner in which the subject of CCSVI is conventionally approached enables to a merely partial realization and elimination of venous stenoses that predispose to injurious venous reflux into brain and spinal cord.
Many presentations at the latest ISNVD meeting made obvious that, owing to widely propagated, yet never substantiated claims that MS reflected some primarily inflammatory demyelinating process, available techniques for elucidating concrete venous pathomechanisms underlying its specific lesion developments have here never been put to their proper use. This applies to potentially far higher spatial resolutions of IVUS-imaging, the complementation of IVUS by interventional flow and pressure monitorings, the respiratory gating of flow mappings at critical passages of intracranial venous und subarachnoid spinal fluid flow, as well as the enormous advances in spatial and temporal resolution of cranial and spinal MRI through current enhancements of its field strength.

Dr Schelling
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Re: Dr. Schelling's words after his return from Orlando.

Postby David1949 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:02 pm


As I recall your jugular vein was much bigger than normal and you had surgery to reduce the size of it. May I ask how you are doing now?

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