Hubbards shutting down testing facility

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Hubbards shutting down testing facility

Postby Cece » Wed May 16, 2012 6:33 pm

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With regard to our testing facility, AFI ,we planned on shutting it down for a while now. We have completed our fMRI research, our clinical outcomes data has been accepted for publication and our perfusion pilot study is completed,as well.... Although our wonderful patients had to pay way too much personally for the testing and treatment here this did not come close to covering our expenses and the Hubbard family,not the Hubbard Foundation, made up the difference. The Hubbard Foundation will now focus on education and trying to raise funds to research the vascular aspect of MS and other neurovascular disorders ... es_network
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Re: Hubbards shutting down testing facility

Postby Ruthless67 » Thu May 17, 2012 7:01 am

What a double sided sword, Cece; but at least they are ready to publish and "will now focus on education and trying to raise funds to research the vascular aspect of MS and other neurovascular disorders."

Those two items are HUGE! It is what Zamboni asked for all along, Research, research, research!!

Many, many thanks to the Hubbard Foundation & Family.

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Re: Hubbards shutting down testing facility

Postby MrSuccess » Thu May 17, 2012 12:25 pm

I look forward to reading Dr.Hubbards CCSVI results.

The investigation and treatment of the condition called - CCSVI - should be easy to obtain and the cost .... low . It seems multiple treatments may be the norm. I suspect this will be resolved as more is learned.

Thanks to wonderful people like Dr. Hubbard and his CCSVI colleagues ..... there have been CCSVI benchmarks established. From MS Society's to the FDA .... thanks to these heroic medical professionals ..... CCSVI is now sitting front and center in their faces.

A healthy brain ... MUST .... have bloodflow freely going IN and OUT of it.

To deny this logic ... is to deny a person good health.

I look forward to the day when - OBSTRUCTIONISTS - are held accountable. I suggest via their wallets. :idea:

That should nicely reimburse the CCSVI pioneers .... and pay for a few CCSVI procedures .......

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Re: Hubbards shutting down testing facility

Postby 1eye » Thu May 17, 2012 4:47 pm

Please, anybody who can afford to, give generously to the Hubbard Foundation, who have a multi-centre registry that is giving assistance to multiple doctors for their research.

David has been talking with the IRB, Dake, Siskin, Ponec, and others to plan the right thing to do. David will seek an IDE from the FDA so that the multi center Registry can continue and even grow but needs to work out the details.
-Arlene Pellar Hubbard

I know I have often complained about neurologists but it is not all their fault, and I want to go on public record that I do not include Dr. Hubbard in my complaints. I think only pharmaceutical pushers can afford the type of political and media campaign that this represents.

It seems the efforts to shut down research into CCSVI will continue, and IRBs were just the beginning.

I think Brad Wall's trial in Albany, New York is not vulnerable to the FDA's meddling, but I am often wrong about these things. Will he have to apply to the FDA for an Investigational (Investigatory?) Device Exemption, or will he be allowed to proceed, since the investigation is in the service of the Province of Saskatchewan and will involve Canadian patients?
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