case 3 from dr arslan - major improvements

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case 3 from dr arslan - major improvements

Postby Cece » Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:50 pm
34 y/o male who was fully functional 4 years ago
Primary progressive
14 y/o son and wife responsible for taking care of him and support family
Very weak, slurred speech (wife translates), wheelchair bound and legs-arms as well as neck with severe contractures, not able to move, legally blind with 20/200 vision
Significant muscle wasting and weight loss due to feeding difficulty – frequent choking – weight 90 lbs
Severe episodes of headache to the degree he would scream, pretty much every day

Gained 15 lbs in 2 months
Able to move arms and hands, vision to 20/30 from 20/200
Able to speak clearly with no evidence of slurred speech
No choking episodes since the procedure
Not a single episode of headache since the procedure (19 months)
Love placebo!

It's worth noting that this is a patient with progressive MS.
You can see in the image that there are still collaterals even after angioplasty. Dr. Arslan's slide states, "Collaterals diminished," and they are still there. We might not need perfectly open veins, we might only need more open veins than what we start with.
Severe headache to the point of screaming - gone! Able to speak, able to move arms and hands, able to see, able to eat!
Back in 2010 we had more anecdotes shared by patients than anything else. Now we have observations shared by doctors, with their before-and-after images of veins. This counts more than our anecdotes but it does not count as much as what the randomized controlled trial will show. Again, it's progress.
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