CCSVI and Stress Reduction

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CCSVI and Stress Reduction

Postby vesta » Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:41 am

"In November 2009 Dr. Paolo Zamboni and colleagues reported that all patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) had abnormalities in veins in their neck or back that could be diagnosed using ultrasound." From Appendix 1 Lay Summary October 2011 of the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) This finding corresponds neatly with my idea that in ” Multiple Sclerosis blood vessels deformed by childhood stress cannot accommodate the blood flow. The auto-immune response is secondary to the true cause of MS, a blood reflux which injures the brain and spinal cord. The origin of the reflux may be structural (CCSVI stenosis) as proposed by Professor Zamboni or it may be a "temporary" stress reaction to a toxic substance.
WHY? BECAUSE STRESS TENSES UP THE BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS, thus restricting the blood flow from the brain and even causing a blood reflux or back flow which injures the brain. Since the conditions of the veins vary, the treatment should vary. If the veins are literally closed off, angioplasty or even jugular bypass surgery may be in order. If successful, that implies a CURE. In that case, until the vein can be opened to normal blood flow, the patient probably has to take the drugs which minimize brain damage from blood reflux. For those (probably like myself) where the veins narrow or compress with stress (which can include emotions, aspartame, toxic MS drugs, food intolerances, antibiotics etc) anything which promotes blood circulation (acupuncture, massage, swimmings etc) can CONTROL the disease.
OF COURSE IF YOU STOP STRESS REDUCTION TECHNIQUES THE SYMPTOMS WILL RETURN! Diabetics have to take insulin, Myopics have to wear glasses. Some diseases can be cured, others controlled. But you can’t treat something unless you know what it is. See MS Cure
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