MS breakthrough may provide new understanding

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Re: MS breakthrough may provide new understanding

Postby Shannon » Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:12 am

My initial MS symptoms were definately related to a trauma. I was brought down by a heavy backpack in college on a sheet of ice, just about passed out from it, and went to the emergency room. Approximately one month later I was back in the emergency room with parasthesias in my left arm which slowly progressed to include my entire upper torso. It took about 6 more years for a diagnosis though. MRI showed only one area of high density at C-4 and was given dx of transverse myelitis. To this day (thank the lord) there has been little to no activity in the brain, only around the same spinal area. My guess is that there is definately spinal damage. I came down on my rear end so hard and fast and I couldn't see straight.
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Re: MS breakthrough may provide new understanding

Postby dania » Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:07 am

Dr. Rosa is using unique coils to image the craniocervical junction. They look like a cervical collar. He is also using particular slices to image the craniocervical junction. The equipment and his imaging method are unique. The radiology tech at the facility explained it best. He said that when he went to school he was shown how to image the brain and he was shown how to image the the cervical spine from C3 down. He said that he learned nothing about the upper cervical spine. It was basically included in the brain scan, which lacks the detail seen in Dr. Rosa's studies.
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Re: MS breakthrough may provide new understanding

Postby marcstck » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:49 pm

I stated previously that Any qualified atlas orthogonal practitioner to do with Dr. Rosa is doing. Let me say that I stand corrected. I spoke with my chiropractor today (Dr. Scott Bender), who works closely with Dr. Rosa and who is working with Dr. Rosa's on his going study. I was told that, indeed, the MRIs Dr. Rosa is taking are integral to his treatment methodology, and are used to compute the vectors and measurements necessary for this unique AO treatment modality.

Just wanted to clear that up.
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Re: MS breakthrough may provide new understanding

Postby THEGREEKFROMTHED » Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:18 pm

You know stecker you gotta stop creating all this controversy with your deliberate intentions to deceive us all.
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Re: MS breakthrough may provide new understanding

Postby milesap » Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:47 pm

I started going to my local AO Chiro about two weeks ago and already straightened my leg which other Dr's said was because of my arthritis. My Chiro is up on the trials. In 6 vistis my family have noticed I walk a little more smoother and have less balance problems, especially in the A.M. Only time will tell if I get any additional improvement. Like you Mark I have one lesion in the spine; mine is located at c4 and c5 about 3cm with no lesions at this time, in the brain. Was diagnosed with ppms because symptoms continually get worse without relapse. I do have increase white matter in brain but no specific lesions noted. I look forward to see the results from the trial to see if there are any positive results. I'm sure my MS was caused by neck trauma over 20 yrs ago and in the last five years bulging cervical disks at c4 and c5.
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