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CCSVI/Beetroot juice

Postby popsie » Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:29 pm

For those who cannot ot do not want to try CCSVI I recommend beetroot juice. Their are numerous scientific artricles proving it big benefits to cognition by increasing blood flow to the brain. It can be bought bottled in supermarkets & health shops here (AUS) though I make my own with organic beetroot combined with juice apple/carrot of your choice.
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Re: CCSVI/Beetroot juice

Postby Cece » Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:20 pm

I remember talking about beetroot juice here once before. It had some logic to it.

Google scholar doesn't have much but it has this
and ... 5/abstract

Does it taste alright?
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Re: CCSVI/Beetroot juice

Postby daniel » Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:09 pm

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Re: CCSVI/Beetroot juice

Postby 1eye » Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:05 pm

" before beetroot juice can be safely used in the clinical setting, further research is necessary"

This sounds familiar. Further research, anyone? Sounds like vasodilation is involved. I think it would be nice to have a map of the body, with knobs you could twirl to see the effects of vasodilation and vasoconstriction in specific areas. I think it is a neglected area. I believe that the state of tone in vessels of the body is critically related to available energy and O2. There must be a significant component of total energy requirement of the body used simply to dilate some vessels and contract others, resulting in optimum distribution of food, O2, and heat. These are not big muscles, most of them, but there are 60,000 miles of them (give or take). I believe homeostasis of many systems depends on this muscle layer, and the health if its energy delivery systems.

I still have seen no discussion of cerebral veins, and have no concrete verification of the statement that brain veins have no smooth muscle layer. If true, that might be a factor in the "design" of these systems in the brain.

I just watched the world's fastest man break his own record, and win Olympic gold. I think the effect of beetroot and other nitric oxide agents should legally affect performance.

Beetroot juice safety should be taught in elementary school.
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Re: CCSVI/Beetroot juice

Postby Quest56 » Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:50 pm

I think Beet Kvass is the way to go, you get the added benefit of lactobacillus which is an important component of healthy gut flora, it's cheap and fun to make, and tasty. Here's one recipe:

If you're sensitive to salt, you can experiment with using less salt. If any white mold forms at the top during fermentation, just scoop it off. The kvass is still good.

I just noticed this recipe calls for whey. I've never used any whey when I make it. Any starter you need for the lacto fermentation is a natural component of the beet skin (and also most vegetables). You don't need to add any additional to start the ball rolling.

This recipe is more like the one I use, omit the whey: ... eet-kvass/

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