Chinese theory and fluid circulation

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Re: Chinese theory and fluid circulation

Postby vesta » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:05 am

Dear Cece, Mark and Happy Poet
If angioplasty had been performed on my neck veins I would hesitate massaging them for fear of triggering the known complications post angioplasty. (I opened a thread on the subject titled '"Treat CCSVI with Neck Massage" dated July 19, 2012). There is a point on the back just below where the neck meets the back (Gall Bladder 21) which can open the neck blood flow. Try to massage the upper back and see if that helps the blood flow, assuming that area hasn't been treated with angioplasty. As an alternative I would use the TENS self acupressure (I've described elsewhere) which doesn't touch the veins but which relaxes them and enhances blood flow by stimulating acupuncture points. I've never undergone any procedure and am not worried about clotting or occlusion or anything else. How do I know a blood reflux is happening? Nervous system symptoms, especially in the quadricep thigh muscles(for me). Last fall I was very upset, could feel my entire body freeze up, my quadricep muscles began to weaken and fail. I could tell that was the blood reflux touching off that part of the CNS. But also, at the same time I couldn't even empty my bladder, all the bodily fluids must have been freezing up. I asked my husband to massage my neck and upper shoulders as I've described, felt some release, and took a sleeping pill to knock myself out and by morning was fine. Think about this. Little kids excited to go on a road trip can't go to the bathroom. Once on the road, "hey mom, I've gotta go". That's just normal human physiology. Except with MY MS, stress causes blood to back up into my CNS. And I do think that with each "attack" whatever prevented that back-up when younger has weakened so that the reflux becomes a constant threat .
By the way, I just saw a photo of the Walk Aide device with an outrageous price tag.( I'd like to know the real price. I'm not criticizing at all the person trying to sell the device, just the people who sold it in the first place.)) All that is is a TENS type apparatus hooked up to a belt to strap just below the knee. I think they are stimulating Gall Bladder 34 which works the "releveur" muscle to lift up the foot. It's a good idea but hardly worth over $2,500. A $50 device with a strap. Maybe they could charge $500 for a decent compensation. Anyway, I'm going to describe in a future entry how to stimulate that muscle, and am myself going to try to revive that part of the nervous system to overcome foot drop (not easy). (There is also a sensitive point below the 5th metatarsal on the foot which will reflex to lift the foot and bend the knee so one stimulate the muscles used for walking. At least for now I use it to exercise and get the leg working.) Best regards, Vesta
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