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Atlas Balance (jaw misalignment) TMJ Treatment - jencor69

Postby jencor69 » Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:21 am

I thought that I would start my own thread to document my treatment here. (Copied from

I will never forget the train journey home from Whitechapel on the day I received my diagnosis for the symptoms I had been experiencing for a year since 1990. (I was only 22 years old) Both my parents had accompanied me to offer support but the news they had just heard was more devastating for them than for me. (Little did I understand the implications of what was to befall upon me with such a diagnosis)

The eminent neurologist had slapped my MRI scan pictures up on the light box and, in a very unsympathetic manner, announced that the white blobs we could see on the scan were 'probably' MS lesions and to go home, accept it and don't fight it because you can't. (He just fobbed me off.)

After that I didn't see him or any other neurologist for 10 years. (I was too scared of being given even worse news) During this time I suffered two or three relapses a year which usually involved numbness, optic neuritis and balance problems. I struggled through these; I put up with the embarrassment of having to get my food cut up for me. At one stage I went blind in one eye for six weeks. My walking became more and more difficult. I was beginning to accept what I had been told that I was suffering from an incurable illness which would cause severe handicaps as I struggled through life.

I did see a neurologist in 2002 during an acute exacerbation. He put me straight into hospital and hooked me up to a steroid drip. I left hospital three days later feeling a bit better but the effects did not last long after I had finished the weaning course of steroid tablets. The steroids perhaps caused me to suffer a yeast infection for several years afterwards which was extremely difficult to get rid of! This made me scared of ever getting anymore steroid or drugs which may cause further side effects.

I have avoided visits to the neurologist in recent years fearing that I might be put on some drug which might further incapacitate me. I took an active part in MS forums and read a lot about such adverse effects.

This year I read about a dentist and his cranio-dental and skeletal symmetry technique and how he had used it to great effect on MS patients. I had already undergone venous angioplasty to treat CCSVI with some moderate improvements and I was eager to see whether the painful, clicky jaw I had suffered since I was a child had any implication on my 'MS'. He examined me and I was found to have asymmetries in my teeth, jaw, atlas and pelvis and he said he could help me recover! I started treatment in July.

After only three months of treatment my 'MS' symptoms are disappearing. A constant symptom for 22 years, L'hermitte's sign has completely gone.
My walking which was crippling me, is getting better- not progressively worse. I have even managed to walk completely unaided for the first time in 10 years! I sleep better, and my body thermostat seems to be working properly again, normal perspiration. Could it be that my disability was actually caused by a problem with my asymmetries and had nothing to do with MS? Was I misdiagnosed? I have been paying a heavy price having lost my youth to this dreaded incapacity and utter lack of hope and dreading the future as I continued to decline prior to this intervention.

I feel better than I have done for years! I am hoping against hope. I will post regular updates as treatment progresses. :D
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Re: Atlas Balance (jaw misalignment) TMJ Treatment - jencor6

Postby jencor69 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:44 pm

Copied from
As I start my sixth month of treatment, all of the improvements I have experienced since starting continue to hold. Every day I am thrilled by the absence of L'Hermitte's sign, previously a constant reminder of the progressive MS I was diagnosed with. I'm still free of pain, fatigue, numb patches and pins and needles. My walking problems are the only symptom of MS that remains, I am still held back by spasticity in my lower limbs and ankles. I have a strong feeling that my walking would improve immeasurably if the spasticity would ease. The few fleeting moments when I have walked without aid have been times where I have felt the stiffness suddenly melt away. In these moments, even before I attempt to stand, I can feel a weight lifting off my shoulders, my muscles feel soft and I know that I can get up and walk - a wonderful feeling, and one which I hope will happen more and more as treatment progresses!

On Christmas Day we went to my sister's house. I left my rollator outside the front door when I arrived and for the rest of the day I used only the walls and furniture for support. It was lovely to hear my Dad say that he can see I'm so near to walking again. It was a memorable day indeed.

I have been wearing a fixed brace on my upper jaw for a few weeks now. It has been nice to have a break from the removable braces. My teeth seem to have moved a lot and I have gaps opening up all over the place. My hubby has started calling me Dwane after the bucktoothed character from Red Dwarf!

I continue to do my exercises Dr Amir has asked me to do.
I see Dr Amir every couple of weeks and he makes the necessary adjustments to my brace. I always feel better when I walk out the surgery than when I walked in. The tiniest adjustment to the appliance can make a huge difference so it is important to monitor how you feel and go 'back for a tweak' if you start to feel unwell.

All in all, I am feeling very well. I still have a long way to go as far as jaw symmetry goes, only 20% done apparently, but I am already reaping the benefits of a straight atlas and pelvis which have spontaneously corrected themselves in response to jaw treatment. I'm very happy with how treatment is going, and contrary to comments about it being prohibitively expensive, costs no more than the 20-a-day smoking habit I had before giving up in March! (I'm not saying Dr Amir should put his prices up, just rationalising ;-D)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope its a healthy and joyful 2013 for you, Jen xx
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Re: Atlas Balance (jaw misalignment) TMJ Treatment - jencor6

Postby blossom » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:40 pm

jencor69, thanks for your updates. it is wonderful news to hear when a person diag. with these symptoms they named ms is having the improvements you are. and, to think this is all owed to a treatment that has no drugs involved. it would be great if mainstream med. and neurologist would "catch up" and pay attention to all this. so, more can be spaired unnecessary suffering.
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Re: Atlas Balance (jaw misalignment) TMJ Treatment - jencor6

Postby civickiller » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:28 am

jencor69, was this with dr Amir?
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Re: Atlas Balance (jaw misalignment) TMJ Treatment - jencor6

Postby EJC » Tue Jan 08, 2013 7:27 am

civickiller wrote:jencor69, was this with dr Amir?

Yes it was, I met Jen at Dr Amir's just before Christmas.

Jen has also had CCSVI treatment (I think by Dr S but I could be corrected on that).
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Re: Atlas Balance (jaw misalignment) TMJ Treatment - jencor6

Postby Thekla » Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:47 pm

Jen, so good to hear good news! I am a bit envious though, you seem to be making progress much faster than I am. I am definitely due for a tweak. I am just holding on, trying to stay stable until I can make the trip to London in a couple of weeks. But despite this, there is a qualitative difference in how I feel now. My goal is no longer to slow progression as much as possible for as long as possible. My goal is to dance!
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