major illness increases venous thrombosis risk

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major illness increases venous thrombosis risk

Postby itsjustme » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:50 am

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Re: major illness increases venous thrombosis risk

Postby 1eye » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:20 am

That might be why this whole CCSVI science ought to go slow. After all, I think it may mean, now that we know it's true, that special precautions need to be taken with every person who has been diagnosed with MS. It's possible the risk is further magnified the longer a person has it, but it is not likely predictable using the conventional "phenotypes". If you have one or more other illnesses, from this list of major ones, watch out.

I thought another article in the same issue interesting as well, though not apparently related. I agree with the commenter on who said
it makes sense that such massively repeated, emergent/epigenetic constructions will involve fractals.

Dendrites are described as
tree-like structures that form neural circuits by connecting a neuron to its synaptic inputs
I think there are other tree-like structures in the human body, probably easily described using simple fractal equations. I believe it will be found that growth of these structures is controlled by these mathematical relationship, which are to be found encoded into the genome somehow. The boundaries limiting this growth feature in a similar way mathematical relationships also tied to the fractal description in the genome.

Cells inherit from their precursors in the growth process (N -> 2N) only one kind of DNA. It can encounter damage that doesn't stop the mitosis. If the damage to the multiplying DNA involves the mathematics which describes the splitting or tree-like structure of blood vessels in a particular organ, the growth will not conform to the correct equation, and the blood vessels growing in that organ will be uncontrolled and abnormal -- cancerous. The boundary conditions which limit the growth of the cells at the edges of the organ will be broken as well. They must be implied in the mathematics, and also in the DNA of the growing tumour.

Comparisons of genomes of these tissues may elucidate the differences. For all we know, similar kind of processes are at work in thromboses and scleroses.
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