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ISET 2013

Postby Cece » Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:17 pm
ISET 2013 is coming up in exactly one month.

On Saturday Jan 19th, there is a ten minute presentation from Dr. Dake. "Venous Intervention for Multiple Sclerosis"
At 3 pm in the stroke symposiums, there is this: "Management of Symptomatic Intracranial Stenosis: What Is the Future?" by Osama Zaidat, MD. Could this be of relevance to those with venous sinus stenoses?

Dr. Dake is up again, with a half hour presentation:
Session IV: New Interventional Treatments for Disease Management, Moderator: Jane Kiah, M.S, R.N.
1:00 PM Hypertension: Advances in Endovascular Therapies Krishna J. Rocha-Singh, MD
1:30 PM Multiple Sclerosis and the Venous System: Is there a Link? Michael Dake, MD

Is there a link between MS and the venous system?

In a later venous symposium, the only thing I could find that could be of interest in CCSVI was this, and it's a stretch:
Pitfalls in Duplex Reflux Exams: Interactive Presentation, Nicos Labropoulos, PhD, DIC, RVT

We hear from both Dr. Dake and Dr. Siskin:
4:30 PM CCSVI: Is it Real and What do We Know? Michael Dake, MD
4:45 PM Techniques and Outcomes of Venous Interventions for CCSVI Gary Siskin, MD

What do chimneys and snorkels have to do with blood vessels? Anyway, that's not CCSVI either
Chimneys and Snorkels: Rationale and Techniques Claudio Schonholz, MD

There's a session on total occlusions. And other things that are not CCSVI.

And that's it. I would have liked to have seen more CCSVI at ISET. There are abstracts unlisted, so there could be something there, but probably not? It seems like other diseases such as stroke and carotid artery stenosis are getting the spotlight, and the research and the funding and the legitimacy. I will be interested in what Dr. Dake presents but it seems to be back to the same-old questions of what is the nature of the association or link between CCSVI and MS, if such an association exists; and the even more existential question of whether or not CCSVI is real.

I am disappointed. Is this the least that CCSVI has been covered at ISET in the last few years?
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Re: ISET 2013

Postby cheerleader » Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:30 pm

It's about the same coverage as last year, Cece--maybe a bit less. There are simply no new trials. Siskin's is ongoing, I don't think he has any new published results. Thankfully, Dr. Dake is still speaking on the reality of CCSVI (yes, he still thinks it exists, but posing the title of the presentation as a question encourages dialogue. CCSVI is still controversial in this group.) The FDA action has really slowed the amount of research and publications coming out of the endovascular groups. We had hoped Katzen and Dake would have their study going by now....but it hasn't happened. We are fortunate that these doctors are still willing to investigate, publish and speak on CCSVI--given the amount of pushback they've received.
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