New and deeper insights to MS, Chiro and CCSVI outcomes!

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New and deeper insights to MS, Chiro and CCSVI outcomes!

Postby NZer1 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 12:43 pm

I am beginning to see evidence that the articles about CSF flow and Vascular flow are secondary to the issues of Bacterial and Viral influence on the structure of tissues not only in veins and sinuses but also the influence in the Vit D VDR dyregulation.
"Vitamin D research is discussed in light of the hypothesis that the lower average levels of vitamin D frequently observed in autoimmune disease are not a sign of deficiency.
Instead, it is proposed that the lower levels result from chronic infection with intracellular bacteria that dysregulate vitamin D metabolism by causing vitamin D receptor (VDR) dysfunction within phagocytes." ... eprint.pdf

It appears we have a chicken and egg situation that has occurred because of the technology available to support theories as time moves on.

The Vit D influence across many critical systems answers more questions that the basic flows and alignments because it confronts the cause of flows and alignments rather than saying that problems begin at any point, it indicates the multi factual findings of symptom outcomes from the spectrum of treatments we are trying, eg CCSVI PTA, AO adjusting, Diet, Stress minimising, hereditary links, geographical links, endothelial involvement, immune system activation, exercise and many more.

The bacteria and virus involvement is effecting many tissues and systems to support life continuum for itself, it is almost driving us rather than being simply a parasite on us.

The growing awareness that Inflammation is major problem in all diseases and health issues is now redirecting Medical Science's focus to understanding primary Health at a new and deeper level and that the primary causes a cascade leading to secondary diseases.

I don't think there will be a simple one stop fix, I do think that we have to remain open minded and flexible with our reading and thinking so that the pieces are free to fall into place.

It will take 'specialists' to push their barrows so that all points are brought to the table for consideration, respect of others inputs is vital imo.


Check in with this thread for more thoughts on Vit D and the VDR dsyregulation.
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