severe tricuspid regurgitation

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severe tricuspid regurgitation

Postby Cece » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:37 am ... A.facebook
Venous insufficiency theoretically causes MS via progressive iron deposition, akin to hemosiderin deposition in chronic venous stasis. The iron is thought to trigger an inflammatory process that results in the loss of myelin from nerve sheaths. Critics of this disease model note that if iron deposition were the cause, the prevalence of MS would increase with age rather than peaking in one’s 40s and 50s. Additionally, chronic venous reflux from conditions such as severe tricuspid regurgitation would be expected to correlate with MS, but this has not been observed.

Severe tricuspid regurgitation must be backflow from the heart? Does the backflow reach all the way to the brain?
If you consider a capillary hypertension model of CCSVI, would a severe tricuspid regurgitation cause the incoming flow to be at a lower pressure, so that when combined with the refluxing flow (if it indeed reaches the brain), the combined pressure is lower than what it is seen in MS?
Where are our physics equations when we need them! :)
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