cranial nerves

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cranial nerves

Postby Cece » Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:29 pm ... -test.html
How can one test his or her cranial nerves?

The Olfactory Nerve should be tested by smelling various and distinctive smells.

The Optic Nerve should be tested by trying to read a “Snellen Chart” like the ones your ophthalmologist has in its office.

The Oculomotor Nerve, Trochlear Nerve, and Abducens Nerve control eye movement and pupil diameter, so you should have a partner who will show you a finger and you need to follow it – up, down, left and right.

The Trigeminal Nerve has motor and sensory functions. To test it close your jaws as you were biting down on a piece of gum. This tests the motor functions. For the sensory function, you should touch lightly your face with a piece of cotton or blunt object.

The Facial Nerve’s motor function can be tested when smiling or making funny faces. The sensory function ( responsible for taste) can be tested with a bit of sugar and salt on the tongue.

The Vestibulocochlear Nerve is responsible for balance and hearing. Only the hearing portion can be tested at home. With your eyes closed, determine the distance at which you can hear the ticking of a clock.

The Glossopharyngeal Nerve and Vagus Nerve can be tested by drinking water and observing the swallowing reflex.

The Spinal Accessory Nerve can be tested by putting your hands on the sides of your head, and applying light pressure, move it side to side.

The Hypoglossal Nerve should be tested by sticking your tongue out and moving it side to side.

It's too late for me to try these before and after the procedure. :)
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