postmortem research on healthy jugulars

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postmortem research on healthy jugulars

Postby Cece » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:03 pm ... 0176-z.pdf
Relation between bilateral differences in internal jugular vein
caliber and flow patterns of dural venous sinuses
Kazunobu Saiki •
Toshiyuki Tsurumoto •
Keishi Okamoto •
Tetsuaki Wakebe
Concerning the relationships among these findings
including the size of the TS, the drainage pattern of the SSS
was mostly consistent with the side showing a larger TS as
well as the side showing a larger IJV. These results suggest
that the pattern of drainage of the SSS into the left and right
TS affects the size of the TS and the running type of groove
for the SSS, and is also closely involved in the caliber of
the IJV. A discussion of the embryological, genetic, and
clinical implications of these results is presented.

Right jugular is typically a little bigger than the left jugular. The larger jugular will be on the same side as the larger tranverse sinus.
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