Could angioprism or chelation help us post-balloon angio?

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Could angioprism or chelation help us post-balloon angio?

Postby dc10 » Sun May 12, 2013 6:32 am


I have SPMS and have had balloon angio three times
1st time 08/2010 - IJV's
2nd time 12/2010 - Azygous and IJV's
3rd times 05/2011- Azygous and IJV's

This was in 2010/11' and since then have avoided further treatments as despite taking LDN since 2008 which stopped my progression, after the 1st/2nd procedures my legs became weaker and bladder more incontinent
So i assume there has been scarring/damage to these veins

Since 2011 i have tried HBOT and upper-cervical chiropractic with no noticeable improvements

When reading online i read of someone who had CCSVI and used some form of chelation and angioprism, but i unfortunately cant locate the link now,
so was wondering if anyone knew of these chelation or angioprism treatment for post-angio patients? ... ata_player

"Angioprim is the most effective method to clean block arteries and promote heart health. Use of Angioprim has been known to help with removing the plaque in the extremities."

Could this help a post-angio CCSVI patient or is there any other suitable treatments following balloon angioplasty?

i assume having a 4th balloon sngio of my ijvs and azygous would not be wise
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Re: Could angioprism or chelation help us post-balloon angio

Postby Hooch » Sun May 12, 2013 10:58 am

I have been chelating high levels of Mercury for the last six months followiing removal of my amalgam fillings over last summer. This appears to be helping me. I am missing the detoxification gene (from both my parents). I had treatment for CCSVI in Sep 2010 with Dr Siskin but he was unable to find my azygous, assuming I even have one!
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