Percutaneous Venoplasty + Stem Cell combination therapy

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Percutaneous Venoplasty + Stem Cell combination therapy

Postby daniel » Sat May 18, 2013 10:09 pm

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recent article:
Dr. Holterman’s reference to being “prisoners in their own bodies” is not lost on MS patients who see obvious similarities between coating an artificial trachea scaffold and a weakened vein scaffold. Many MS patients have been watching the news on Hannah with intense interest. “This is exactly why my veins remain open to this day,” says David Summers of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. David had the combination stem-cell and percutaneous venoplasty procedure done at CCSVI Clinic in mid-2012. “The same stem cells that were taken from my own bone marrow were re-infused into my neck veins at the time of the liberation [Combination] therapy. They immediately coated the inside of the vein and grew new tissue within hours that was the same round shape as the expanded vein. After that, the vein couldn’t return to its old twisted shape because cells grew around the new natural shape in a permanent layer. Baby Hannah has a new airway, and I have new jugular veins, based on the same principle.” (David previously had liberation therapy in 2010 with only temporary benefits. As of this writing, May 2013, David continues to be disease free and has now applied for his previous job as a medical transcriptionist as he continues to recover)

Has anybody else heard more about this?
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