Possible use of Amin-acid to induce CCSVI in model?

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Possible use of Amin-acid to induce CCSVI in model?

Postby CureOrBust » Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:53 am

I was looking at something else, and as usual, stumbled across something else entirely, that raised my eyebrow; a little.

It appears this Amino-acid (I think) has some interesting effects on the cerebal blood flow. The thought that maybe something like this (at the high dose) could be possibly used to induce CCSVI type conditions in an animal model :?:

Phenylethylamine and cerebral blood flow
Possible involvement of phenylethylamine in migraine

Phenylethylamine can initiate migraine-type headaches in susceptible individuals. Migraine sufferers have a reduced ability to deaminate all monoamines, but particularly phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and thus could be a mediator of the cerebrovascular disturbances seen in migraine attacks. Cerebral blood flow was measured in 15 anesthetized baboons by the intracarotid 133Xe clearance technique. Phenylethylamine (4 ± 10−7' moles.kg−1min−1) produced significant increases in cerebral blood flow (36 percent) and cerebral oxygen consumption (45 percent) during the first 40 minutes of infusion. In contrast, an increased phenylethylamine concentration (2 ± 10−6 rnoles.kg−1min−1) constricted the cerebral bed (cerebral blood flow reduced by 28 percent). The response of the cerebral circulation to hypercapnia was preserved during the infusion. Phenylethylamine thus is capable of producing in an experimental animal a pattern of cerebrovascular events similar to those seen in migraine.
I think it would be very dangerous to try and achieve the low dose increases without, extreme medical supervision.
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