Could be traffic accidents the reason for MS increase?

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Re: Could be traffic accidents the reason for MS increase?

Postby blossom » Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:47 pm

MrSuccess wrote:Causation is always difficult to prove .... with anything.

I want to make something very , very , clear . Trauma to your head and/or spine WILL NOT result in developing MS, in 94% of people.

It is the SIX [ 6 % ] PERCENT of head & neck trauma victims ... that DO go on to have MS symptoms , that are of interest.

The National percentile for MS .... is well under 1 % of the population.

You do the math on this .

Questor , what you are saying is : people with MS could possibly cause traumatic injury to themselves ..... because of inabilities in thinking , or reaction time , or whatever.

This is a possibility , of course.

Collection of health data will greatly aid , in getting the right answers. :idea:

Who is going to step up and bring it all together ?


would it not be too far fetched even though we branded with A named ms are low on the math and trauma, that such named parkinson, altzimers and many other neuro. symptoms are the result of spinal trauma . manifesting differently depending on over all body structure-example vein health, shape of head, neck even jaw structure. why did clay get so named parkinsons and not ms? but, whatever, trauma, the total spine needs addressed and brought into all this.
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Re: Could be traffic accidents the reason for MS increase?

Postby MrSuccess » Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:40 am

those tiny white spots detected on MRI by your Neurologist , can be caused by numerous causes. I suspect it is pure laziness by some medical practictioners .... to simply print MS as the cause. And get on to the next person.

Yes , it is true that traumatic traffic accidents can damage your brain. This is an ESTABLISHED medical FACT.

It would be nice to have someone here on TIMS [ not me ] start a seperate topic and post all the research already done on this . :idea:

Can you spot the speling errors ? :lol: No spell check for this cowboy.

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