CCSVI case study and dna analysis

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CCSVI case study and dna analysis

Postby Cece » Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:23 am ... 000110.pdf

The woman had improvements after angioplasty
After the procedure her concentration and memory improved significantly, the numbness she felt in her arms and hands disappeared and her stamina also improved. Six months later after an episode of left tendonitis in her foot developed, she started having again numbness in her arms. These symptoms resolved in a few weeks. Presently the patient is totally asymptomatic.

but the focus of the article was on the genetic dna test run on both the daughter and her father.
The performed genetic analysis of our patient family disclosed an aneuploid DNA content between the father and the daughter (S=13.9% & G2=0% and S=0.8% & G2=0.6% respectively), with a 70.5% of cells in the DNA synthetic phase confirming the above assumption (Figure 2). In this case report we try to investigate the possible prognostic value of ploidy in humans and the disruptions occurring inside the cell cycle with flow cytomety as a diagnostic tool.

I don't think the dna test is particularly helpful but maybe I don't understand it well enough?
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