So how does CCSVI link to MS and other degenerative Diseases

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So how does CCSVI link to MS and other degenerative Diseases

Postby NZer1 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:16 am

Over the last few months I have been working with a very tolerant friend Mr Edward Murray (Squeaky Cat) to help my feeble mind understand the big picture of MS and what follows is the condensed detail;

So define MS then!

Okay. If you'll put that gun down that you have pointed at my head. :>)

It is a disease that is caused by a breach in the BBB which results in demyelination and resulting damage to nerves. That's it.

Demyelination isn't something that can be seen on MRI. It is seen in cadaver studies. It has been the defining characteristic of MS from the time that it was first studies.

You are confusing it with active inflammation which can be seen on MRI.

It is NOT a disease characterized by symptoms. Symptoms are necessarily going to be different for every single person because:

It depends on where the BBB is breached.
It depends on the severity of the breach and the frequency with which this occurs.
Because it happens SOMEWHERE, it then depends on which nerves are damaged.
It likely depends also on specifically what crosses the BBB into the CNS, ie, CD4 cells, red blood cells, EBV, CPn and so on.
And it has to depend to some degree on the ability of the immune system to keep it under control which will likely involve vitamin D in terms of availability and whether the whole system is working or disrupted because of genes or epigenetic factors.

Thanks Ed ;)

So there are steps to create good health again.

Sealing the BBB leak and most importantly treating infections and CCSVI reflux/back jet issues.

Stopping the immune system damage that is occurring within the BBB/CNS because immune cells from outside the BBB are causing serious damage inside the CNS and they are transported by the CSF. Cells like CD4 and B and T cells which have tagged myelin for removal.

Stopping infections that have crossed the BBB from causing damage and symptoms.

Using calcitriol (which is the the next stage after the production of Vit D) within the CSF/BBB to 're-set' apoptosis of rouge immune cells that are 'eating' myelin.

Wellness health principles such as diet, mindfulness and exercise practises as well as rehabilitation to build good health for Life.

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Re: So how does CCSVI link to MS and other degenerative Dise

Postby frodo » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:00 am

There is an ongoing debate among people that thinks that MS should be defined by its clinical history and some others that think that it should be defined pathophysiologically. Unfortunately, the first group is winning.
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