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Keynote Presentation - The Role of Blood Vessels and Inflammation in the Pathogenesis of Neurological Disorders
Dr. Paula Grammas

Session 1: A Multi-Modality Approach to Extra Cranial Venous Disease
Session Chairpersons: Dr. Robert Zivadinov

The Current Status of Ultrasound Imaging for the Screening of CCSVI
Dr. Marcello Mancini

What is the Normal Jugular Vein Valve Function?
Dr. Erica Menegatti

Prevalence of Extracranial Venous Narrowing on Catheter Venography in People with Multiple Sclerosis: Results of a Blind Study.
Dr. Lindsay Machan

Identifying CCSVI with Cervical Plethysmography
Dr. Paolo Zamboni

Diagnostic Contributions of Catheter Venography for Screening of CCSVI
Dr. Hector Ferral

What Additional Information Can Intravascular Ultrasound Provide?
Dr. Adnan Siddiqui

Molecular Markers of Abnormal CNS Hemodynamics
Dr. Steven Alexander

State of the Art I: Why We Need a Multi-Modality Diagnostic Approach for CCSVI
Dr. Robert Zivadinov

Session 2: The Treatment of Abnormal Venous Flow
Session Chairperson: Dr. Ziv Haskal

Designing an Endovascular Trial – What Elements are Essential and Why CCSVI Trials Might Differ from Disease Modifying Trials?
Dr. Kottil W. Rammohan

State of the Art II: Current Results of Safety and Efficacy of CCSVI Therapy in MS Patients
Dr. Gary Siskin

Procedural Endpoints: How to Best Measure Meaningful Flow Impairment, Inter- and Post-Procedural Therapy
A - IVUS Driven Intervention
Dr. Hector Ferral

B. Optimizing Pure Venographic Therapy
Dr. Hector Ferral

Intervention Studies in 2014:
A. The Time is Ripe for Primary and Replicative Therapy Trials in MS
Dr. Ziv Haskal

B. Therapy Trials Need to Wait. The Landscape has Changed
Dr. Kottil W. Rammohan

Session 3: Potential Role of Extracranial Venous System in CNS Disorders and Aging
Session Chairperson: Dr. Chih-Ping Chung

CCSVI and Parkinsons Disease
Dr. E. Mark Haacke

Etiologies of Jugular Venous Abnormalities in Transient Monocular Blindness
Dr. Chun-Yu Cheng

Age-Related White Matter Changes, Alzheimer’s Disease and Jugular Venous Reflux.
Dr. Clive Beggs

Cerebral Venous Drainage Impairment in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
Dr. Noam Alperin

Headache and Venous Abnormalities
Dr. Wei-Ta Chen

Venus Abnormalities Involved in High Altitude-Associated Neurological Disorders
Mr. Mark Wilson

Cerebral Venous Drainage Impairment And Cerebral Small Vessel Disorders
Dr. Han-Hwa Hu

The Role of Inflammation Factors in Chronic Cereral Venous Insufficiency: From The View of Lower Limbs’ Venous Disorders.
Dr. Chris Imray

The Future Perspective of Researches on Neurological Diseases Associated with Chronic Cerebral Venous Insufficiency.
Dr. Chih-Ping Chung

Session 4: Quantifying Flow in Neurological Diseases
Session Chairperson: Dr. Michael Dake

Normal Regulatory Mechanisms of CNS Blood Flow
Dr. Eric C. Peterson

Understanding the Blood-Brain Barrier in Health and Disease
Dr. Steven Alexander

Origin of Craniospinal CSF Flow Pulsation and How We Measure It
Dr. Noam Alperin

The Lymphatic System: What is its Normal Role and What Can Go Wrong?
Dr. Roy O. Weller

The Use of Biomarkers to Evaluate Glymphatic System Function
Dr. Leonard Prouty

Venous Hemodynamics in Neurologic Disorders
Dr. Clive Beggs

Theoretical Study of Cerebral Venous Haemodynamics Associated with the CCSVI Condition
Dr. Eleuterio Toro

Session 5: Monitoring Hemodynamics of the Brain
Session Chairperson: Dr. E. Mark Haacke

Nitric Oxide and a Vascular Hypothesis in Multiple Sclerosis
Dr. Yulin Ge

Perfusion Imaging in Stroke: Its’ Current Clinical Status and its Role in Treating Patients
Dr. Larry Latour

Hemodynamic Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis: Imaging Techniques and Perspectives
Dr. Yulin Ge

SPECT and PECT Perfusion Changes After CCSVI Restoration
Dr. Paolo Zamboni

Session 6: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Vascular Consequences
Session Chairperson: Dr. E. Mark Haacke

State of the Art IV: Understanding the Fundamental Physiology of TBI: From Research To Treatment
Dr. Ramon Diaz-Arrastia

Typical Vascular Lesions of TBI and Their Evolution
Dr. Gunjan Parikh

The Clinical Spectrum and Natural History Of TBI Sequelae
Dr. Karen Tong

State of the Art IV: The Role of Imaging and Venous Abnormalities in TBI
Dr. Zhifeng Kou

Here are the presentation titles. That's too much to discuss in one thread, isn't it? But look at the spread of topics and the sheer numbers of doctors currently investigating neurovascular disorders. It is very encouraging. There are 12 abstracts also linked on the ISNVD page that are available as pdfs. Here is the program book that discusses these presentations, starting on page 5 of the pdf: ... -book.html
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