Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/CCSVI?

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/CCSVI?

Postby SophieandElle » Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:32 pm

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed last week with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; however, my doctor tells me that all my other symptoms cannot be caused by TOS. These include leg numbness, tingling, twitching legs, abdomen, and feet (very small...only I notice). Also, in a vascular test, it was noticed that my feet were completely "flat" as far as getting blood to them...there is NO blood getting to my toes! I even get these lesions on my feet after car trips (they burn!). The pain is not only in my arms/hands, but even in weird places like my pelvis!

When this whole crazy mess began, MS was one of the first things I was tested for, and the MRI was negative, and MRI of cervical spine was normal.

It is obvious I have a vascular problem and need help, quickly! I saw some information posted about Dr. Ahn and his work with TOS and the jugular vein. Does anyone have his contact info? I am willing to travel to see him.

Another eerie symptom I have are these AWFUL red, painful eyes...then after reading more of your posts I saw that Simon Lewis, author of Rise and Shine also had this (he had TOS). He had a bilateral rib removal, which I am prepared to have if it means I can have my life back.

So, yes, I have TOS, but do I also have CCSVI? How would I get tested for this?

I am anxious to get back to my life as this has been going on since September (right after I had a baby). Also, I'm a teacher and would like some type of resolution before the new school year.

Any help or insight is appreciated. If you aren't comfortable posting Dr. Ahn's information, please send a private message. Thank you all.
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Re: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome/CCSVI?

Postby vesta » Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:32 am

I suggest you ask "uprightdoc" (chiropractor Michael Flanagan) on the "CCSVI and CCVBP" thread since he understands how blocked fluids (blood, cerebrospinal) which bathe the central nervous system can trigger all kinds of neurological symptoms. Since I read about the blood circulation theory in MS (Zamboni) I've been able to get my MS under control through non invasive techniques which I describe on my site MS Cure, regards Vesta
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