Muscle Skeletal Influence on the Vascular

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Muscle Skeletal Influence on the Vascular

Postby skydog » Sat May 09, 2009 12:34 pm

So as not to plug up the other areas in discussion I would like any comments here about Muscle Skeletal Influence on the Vascular. Can we use (MSI/V) as the acronym ? In my particular case I feel there may be a strong influence of the MSI/V Life long physical labor and activity has left me with some serious spinal issues, and tightening of the muscles around my neck and spine. Recently I stopped using my inversion table to test how I would feel. Headaches have increased. Also feel fatigued easier. These are questions I will bring up with Dr. Dake. Maybe as soon as Monday morning if time allows. Peace Mark
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Postby mrhodes40 » Sat May 09, 2009 3:22 pm

Gee I am not sure but as this work goes forward I bet we'll hear more. It sounds like Jeff's neck was kind of a muscle deal. I also think the chiroweb thing
is kind of going there.

Dr Dake told Cheer he expects everyone to be different. It is known that part of venous drainage comes from the thoracic pump, so when we breathe it creates negatvie pressure, which is what pulls air in. A side effect of that negative pressure is that is enhances venous drainage by pulling the blood through the veins at the same time sort of (it's more complicated than that). Dr Zamboni mentions this in his paper. I have wondered if terrible posture and sitting hunched with shoulders nearly touching the ears while we type makes it harder for the veins to drain, especially the vertebrals which carry the load when you are up and whcih go right by the neck muscles.

It is known that yoga helps MS. Eric SMall has a CD in which he has you go through a yoga routine he designed sepcially for MS (He has MS and is doing very well after many years) He spends an immense amount of time working on breath...and not just a simple breath a real open up the chest breath. When I read about Dr Zamboni's work and read about the thoracic pump I wondered if that was why Eric was having results with is approach.
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