Questions - Possible New Underlying Cause Of MS Investigated

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Questions - Possible New Underlying Cause Of MS Investigated

Postby Ruthless67 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:28 am

I came across this article and though it was interesting, but I have some questions of my own that it raises.

Possible New Underlying Cause Of MS Investigated By Neurologists

“The possibility that the symptoms of MS result from narrowing of the primary veins outside the skull, a condition called "chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency," or CCSVI” - (Now I want you to notice the words possibility & symptoms in that sentence; no where is there the word “cause;” I still want to treat the “cause” not the symptoms of my MS!!! ”)

Margaret Paroski, M.D., executive vice president and chief medical officer of Kaleida Health, parent of Buffalo General Hospital where the BNAC is located, commented:
"When I was in medical school, we thought peptic ulcer disease was due to stress. We now know that 80 percent of cases are due to a bacterial infection. Dr. Zivadinov's work may lead to a whole different way of thinking about multiple sclerosis." - (Here’s another article, from a different source, regarding bacterial infections & peptic ulcers.)
Digestive Diseases and Science Journal, January 2008
Conclusion It was shown that intravenous injection of micafungin counteracted the aggravation by C. albicans of cysteamine-induced duodenal ulcers in rats. This finding supports the concept that C. albicans is an aggravating factor for peptic ulcers.
- (Now this statement below brings up my biggest question of all.)
“If we can prove our hypothesis, that cerebrospinal venous insufficiency is the underlying cause of MS," said Robert Zivadinov, M.D., Ph.D., UB associate professor of neurology, director of the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) and principal investigator on the study, "it is going to change the face of how we understand MS." - (Here Dr. Zivadinov uses the word “cause” but he also uses the word “underlying” I can’t help but think of CCSVI as a symptom, not a cause, and I’d still be looking for the source, or cause, for the CCSVI. Which, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out, is Candida albicans!!)
- (And I’m coming to the conclusion, no matter how absurd it must sound to some, but I think candida albicans is the one of the main catalyst for all the Auto-immune and inflammatory diseases out there. I hate hearing “They don’t know what causes MS and they don’t have a cure for it.” Then I read the latest MS breakthrough where they identify a symptom and create a new drug to treat that symptom, but often the side effects from that new drug is worse than the symptoms it’s supposed to treat. And these new drugs cost a fortune!! Our diets and some medicines are making us sick and sicker and the pharmaceutical companies rich & richer. I know the candida diet is a strict one, especially when you make the decision to terminate all use of sugar in your diet. But I’ll tell you, once you realize what poison sugar is to the body, it becomes much easier to eliminate it from your diet. Who would intentionally poison themselves???????)
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Postby Sharon » Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:14 pm

Ruthless - Welcome to TIMS. I noticed that your post has gone unanswered. Just wanted to let you know, the Univ of Buffalo press release has been posted and linked many times. We are glad that you found it -- one more person is learning about CCSVI. Check out this forum - there is much to be learned. Here are two links to information which will help you in understanding the CCSVI hypothesis:

Also, go to the top of the CCSVI forum and read the "stickies"

Again, welcome
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