What to do to support healing?

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What to do to support healing?

Postby Tim78 » Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:41 am

Finally i did it! I went to Dr. Simka in Katowice and he confirms what he has already found in the MRV pictures i send to him: Stenosis in left and right jug due to pathologic valves. Im scheduled for dual stenting the 1. December!

Now im looking for advice what to do after the procedure to support the healing of my nervous system as good as possible. I know of taking lots of vitamin b complex and the green tea extract. But this cant be all?!

Dr. Simka told me that you need to take antibiotics after procedure for a few days and he chooses docycycline (hope i spelled it right) because there are studies that show a positive effect on healing ms lesions.

What do you do? What makes sense?

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Postby GiCi » Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:32 am

Hi Tim78!

Delighted to hear of your appointment for the stents! Patent jugular veins are a sine-qua-non for the healing process to kick in.
I had the liberation procedure twice in the last three years (balloon dilatation, no stents) with remarkable improvements.
I cannot give medical advice because it would not be ethical. What I can do is to tell you what I have being doing: daily assumption of anti-radical natural substances (essential oils, vit B complex, vit C) and moderate exercise (maily walking and cycling).
I was diagnosed in 1986 and have being working full time since as cardiac surgeon.
Best wishes,
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