Any IP6 updates?

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Any IP6 updates?

Postby Merlyn » Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:33 pm

I am very tentatively going to say that this is a helpful supplement for me. I do not have any side effects from it I don't believe, and I think that it really is helping my bladder to empty better. In the evenings I also notice slightly better hand coordination... the thumb on my left hand tends to curl under and it is very hard for me to straight it, but lately it seems easier... I've only been on a very short time, so being cautious in my assessment. I have noticed a slight decrease in spasticity also... although that is hard to pin down in absolutes because it has varied at times anyway. My ferritin level came back at 66, which is not all that high depending on who you read. Some people with hemochromatosis try to keep it below 50, and doctors like Dr. Passwater say the lower the better...

I cannot give blood of course, that MS diagnosis nixed it
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