Swank/Jelinek diet

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Swank/Jelinek diet

Postby juliet » Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:02 pm

Hi everyone!
Has it occurred to anyone else that the reason the Swank/Jelinek diets work so well is because our veins and arteries are as clean as whistles due to the low saturated fat content?! I am sure we would all benefit from the Zamboni treatment, but the diet should keep things running smoothly while we wait for Blighty to catch up with the progress that the rest of the world is enjoying!
I would certainly like to join in with any group which is keen to progress things over here, mainly because my sister also has MS but she is affected very badly compared to me. Her husband is not keen on the diet-idea even 'though he can see what a huge effect it has had on me!

Please read my story here:
http://intelligentguidetoms.wordpress.c ... m-england/

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Postby IbRiz » Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:35 pm

Hi juliet.

I am - and have been for half a year - folllowing dr Jelineks diet. It has really done me a lot of good I believe. This combined with inclined-bed-therapy (IBT) has put me in a state, where I believe/hope I am not having any further MS-badness....

The diet was quite a change - I just believe you have to take each day as it comes, instead of thinking to much about what you can't eat anymore.

My MS-fatigue is nearly gone, my L'hermittes sign is getting better, my vision has improved a bit, my once-in-a-while-limp has almost disappeared - well generally I'm a bit better now than I was before I started the IBT.

I went to Poland to be scanned, and sure enough - they found my left jugular collapsed. But because of the diet and the IBT I hope I can be well
until I can be 'liberated'.

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