My posting to CNN; has anyone else contacted the U.S. media

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Postby Mechanicallyinclined » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:28 pm

I'm rural Manitoba actually, but never the less, hello. I checked out the websight you mentioned. Under lectures I see the words "chronic venous insufficiency" mentioned a few times. I haven't caught any mention of CCSCI. I haven't looked thoroughly through it yet.
At least there are some peoples names there (researchers and Doctors)
that could be potential contacts. I see DR. Randy Gutzman there. He's one person I've sent informtion to. If this is a Canada wide conference of interventional radiologists then surley the topic of CCSVI must be comming up there. Someone there must know about it. I see there's a directory of names on the websight. I'll try and make contact with a few of them and send them what information I can. Just gotta get my duck in a row so to speak. Nice meeting you dunkempt! stay in touch.
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