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Postby nicko » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:54 pm

elyse_peace wrote:Hello Pam,
The white/numb fingers are a condition called Reynaud's Syndrome. You can google it.
I didn't think of this before, but... does anyone else have difficulty lifting their arms? I can get them up, but holding them up is definitely a hardship. I cannot do it for long. It occurs to me that my arms are darn near my neck, which is ALWAYS stiff.

I have no problem lifting my arms. Its just when I lift them above my head it becomes very uncomfortable. The muscles cramp up and I even get dizzy my hands also turn purple. I was trying to install a new light fixture the other week. I had to take several breaks and I was dripping sweat by the end of it.

I seem to have a number of circulation issues. My left arm is always a slight purple color compared to the right. My left foot also seems to do the same thing. Also If I sit down on the floor to watch tv/video games with my cousins my legs fall asleep very quickly. Within a couple mins I have a hard time getting up. Once I'm up moving around the feeling comes back to normal.

I thought my circulation issues were from sitting around too much. But now that I'm walking a couple km per day they haven't gotten any better.

The worst thing is that my Dr's won't take any circulation issues seroiusly. I've shown my purple left arm to two GP's now and also a few neurologists. They all say Raynaud's. Isn't Raynauds usually from sensitivity to temperature? my entire arm is purple 24/7. The discoloration in my left froot comes and goes.
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