Hi all, uploaded Manoj's MRV (partial)

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Postby CureIous » Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:13 am

Doctors and hospital are local to him, I was just rough guesstimating for anyone outside of India, I'm sure there's better travel deals to be had to cut down costs. The scan/op appears to be roughly 10k out the door. (1 stent). Prominent neuroradiologist ( I think most NR's should be prominent at this point ;), who is taking a conservative approach and not touching the lower one on the left side, but angioplasting AND stenting on the upper right side, which confirms what was so obvious on the video from my POV. Dude worked hard to get to where he's at today with little help, and is anxious to share all the particulars post-op...

He didn't approach it with a whole lot of medical knowledge, or resources, nor copious research and a keen handle on the precise terminology, but doggone it all if he didn't knock on a BUNCH of doors while still working a regular 9-5, and to me that makes it even more poignant.... Plus he's a smart dude....

He's got a cheering section from this neck of the woods that's for sure!

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Postby sbr487 » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:37 am

Thanks, Marc

That explains Manor's long absence from this forum. He is a man of action, like many others here ...

His experience will benefit not just Indians but people from other countries since India is a destination for medical treatment

We are also debating how the neuro fraternity is opposed to CCSVI but given that it falls in NR's domain, it think CCSVI is no longer us vs them ...
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