Italian Newspaper

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Italian Newspaper

Postby GuRu » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:22 pm

This article is in Italian, you can translate it with the help of Google translator. ... =HOME_MAIL

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Postby Billmeik » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:45 pm

Once upon a time "A nation of poets, artists, heroes, saints, thinkers, scientists ...." "And there I stop. We know that we men of science have often been opposed if not persecuted, the face of the beacon of civilization that we should be for the world. In recent times, at least, has fallen somewhat 'abandoned the custom of destination at the stake or force them to abjure, preferring the option of a less noisy' brain drain 'to countries, perhaps less "brilliant", but best equipped politically, economically and socially to support the charges and the honors of scientific progress.

Nothing new, you might say, except that in addition to brain ideas also sentenced to immalinconirsi infertility in our house, take flight to countries most vulnerable to convert the trial into practice. And 'news recently that a team of researchers headed by prof. Paolo Zamboni, University of Ferrara and assisted by Dr.. Fabrizio Salvi of Bellaria in Bologna has started testing a possible cure of a terrible evil of our times: multiple sclerosis.

Remaining in epic terms, would be the classic egg of Columbus: broadening the spectrum of current research, these researchers have observed that a very high percentage of patients suffer from "chronic venous insufficiency cerebrospinal (CCSVI English acronym). In two words (but we recommend interested parties to further document), the Ccsvi can be diagnosed using a special ultrasound, and can be effectively treated with a small endovascular treatment be done in a day hospital, ie without shelter, scalpels and general anesthesia. If not a total cure from a disease in many ways still mysterious, the outlook for many patients, perhaps forced on crutches or in wheelchairs, would significantly improve their living conditions.

Nobel stuff, no? No, or at least not in Italy. Forced the corner from the fetters of the disorganization and absolute ministerial car national health insurance, besieged by thousands of patients on the waiting list, our researchers must entrust their insights to the more fortunate colleagues Grenzüberschreitendes of Canada, Buffalo even Warsaw, to hope in the development and dissemination of their findings. Ergo: to arm themselves or holy patience in waiting for a call, or carry their passports, interpreter and substantial pile of euros groped for an adventure abroad.

Certainly if we were not the Strapaese missed opportunities that we are, but if we were a civilized country capable of handling the enormous resources intellettauli we possess, we could boast of an extraordinary scientific laurels as well as on a humanitarian priceless. "And think how there would remain in Buffalo ..." say the unforgotten Nino Manfredi.
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