UK question for those who have had the Liberation Treatment

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UK question for those who have had the Liberation Treatment

Postby lilaclomax » Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:48 am

Everyday more and more people living here in the UK are finding out about CCSVI and some are booking in to visit Poland and Dr Simka like myself.
But I have some questions for those who have been and by asking in a public forum hopefully the answers will help others too. (Please feel free to copy and paste and fill in the answers).

1. When did you first contact Dr Simka?
2. When did you go for your diagnostics?
3. What vascular problems were found?
4. When was your surgical procedure?
5. Did you have a angioplasty (s) or a stent (s)?
6. How long did the procedure take?
7. How long were you in hospital?
8. Did you suffer from any immediate ill effects?
9. How long did you have to stay in Poland before flying home?
10. Please tell us if you have noticed any changes since your visit.

11. Where did you stay in Poland and how far was this from the main hospital?
12. How much travelling did you have to do between clinics?
13. How easy was it to get around?
14. Do the hospitals have translators?
15. How much did your procedure cost?
16. What currencies did you take and did you have to pay for anything in cash?
17. Do the hospitals take credit cards?

Please add anything else you feel is relevant, also is the following text accurate?

Offer for patients suffering from MS
-vascular specialist consultation with non invasive diagnostic procedure (colour doppler and MRV) - 300 euro
-vascular specialist consultation with non- and invasive diagnostic procedures (angiography) - 1100 euro
-vascular specialist consultation, all necessary examinations and an endovascular procedure (PTA) - 3500 euro
-vascular specialist consultation, all necessary examinations and an endovascular procedure (1 stent implantation) - 4200 euro
-vascular specialist consultation, all necessary examination and an endovascular procedure (2 stents implantation) - 4700 euro

The hospital is in Katowice, the nearby airports are in Katowice and Krakow.

You should plan at least 7-days long stay in Poland (at least 3 days postop)You will get all necessary prescriptions and instructions how to use medications, as well as if and when to come for a follow-up (all these depends on the type of operation and patient's characteristics). In brief, postoperatively you should stay in the hospital overnight. The operation will not affect your mobility (it is only small puncture in the groin and nearly no pain).

We perform either ballooning, or stenting, depending on particular characteristics of venous occlusion. Balloon angioplasty seems safer (lower probability of thrombotic event), but the possibility of restenosis is very high (~50%), so we prefer stenting, on condition that anatomic localization and characteristics of a planned stent looks safe. Anyway, in a case of doubt, we perform safer procedure (ballooning).

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