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Postby CureIous » Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:04 pm

patientx wrote:
Cureious wrote:They report on every medical thing imagineable studies or not, why is this story given so much more credence than CCSVI which is THE biggest story in MS right now?

Because these pills have solid data behind them. CCSVI has one treatment report, and the data from that are shaky at best.

By the way, as conspiracies go, this one is pretty poorly run. The news story didn't even mention the name of either drug.

I doubt that is needed in this info age. Still cannot escape the news blackout for CCSVI. Good enough for Canada, why not here? See all they are after is the "zing" of saying "new MS pill", making some quickie comments from some Dr. most of us don't know from Adam, then back to whatever bleeds/leads story there is. It's easy to put the conspiracy straw man up then knock him down, but it's far more subtle than that, most of these news people are complete idiots who say whatever pops up on the prompter and do little to none of their own thinking. They are pretty easy to pick on.

But they DO have programming directors, and they decide what gets air time, and what does not, based on whatever bias gets injected into whatever show, for whatever reason.

So why air this? Because of one study that doesn't look all that great anyways? Big deal, so they have a pill that can make you sicker than you already are, efficacy proven by relapse rates, so what? Zamboni's no-relapse rates were 100% for the un-restenosed people, now THAT is a headline worth mentioning not 20-30% and it might kill you in the process or make you very very sick.

There is little need to mention conspiracy straw men, it's right in front of you, I'll grab some Google News headlines.

United States: 2 tablets show promise in fighting MS
United States: Two New Multiple Sclerosis Pills Show Promise in Late-Stage Studies (gee, that quip sounds familiar lol)
U.K. New treatments on the horizon for multiple sclerosis (what THEY select as "new treatments")
United States: New hope for MS patients
United States: multiple sclerosis Drugs Work Well In Studies
United States: Once-a-day pill gives hope to MS patients after promising trial

Glory be we are finally saved by pill !

I saw maybe 3 stories out of dozens that even remotely hinted at any negatives here.

You tell me because there's more sugar coating going on here than in the placebos used.

The non-Italian news stories for CCSVI, from same search function, almost zero. None from the American press, yet people FLOOD the Societies and their doctors looking for help with CCSVI, and the drugs are 2 years out and make headlines? Go figure.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a conspiracy to damn well look like one.

Luckily, for most who eagerly search and do some legwork, there are answers out there, maybe not the best answers, but there is something and it's far far bigger than some pill they give to blood cancer patients and kills your immunity. People ARE getting scanned and treated using their wits, persistence, and more importantly networking, to at least get a solid answer, to a solid question, "hows those veins doing anyways".

In 2 years, there will be so many CCSVI docs in the game, that pills will have to take a back seat.

RRMS Dx'd 2007, first episode 2004. Bilateral stent placement, 3 on left, 1 stent on right, at Stanford August 2009. Watch my operation video:, Virtually symptom free since, no relap
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Postby thornyrose76 » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:09 pm

I had never heard of ccsvi until I stumbled upon this message board last summer. I'd be none the wiser if it weren't for this board. The Canadian media, namely CTV helped affirm the information I had read. I keep watching CTV looking for more info, and when it comes, which I know it will I'll be posting the link if someone doesn't beat me to it. News of the UBC story was lead story that night in Dec, meaning "Hey this is important Canada, Listen up!"
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Postby mangio » Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:37 pm

Best post I have ever read here. I could hear your voice all the way across the prairie.
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Postby sbr487 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:33 am

With my limited knowledge, it is utter nonsense to treat MS by suppressing immune system. The immune system is not at all malfunctioning as per CCSVI. The end result is that our immunity gets compromised and it is like suppressing MS and getting other infections as a bonus.

The way I look at it,
a) address root cause of why the veins gets narrowed
b) open up the veins until we can do a)

The news item clearly shows that MONEY TALKS
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Postby sbr487 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:27 am

Routine story I have often heard from my seasoned seniors about the need to attack the problem in the right way ...

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine ...

As with birds, there is a danger with pigs flying overhead. Normally, when animals are scared, the sphincter muscles open up and great messes are made. It can only be assumed that pigs will be scared when being propelled with sufficient thrust as they fly overhead. Horse Apple? Cow pies? Nope... we're talking nonstop pig pancakes (dung dropped from a high altitude will flatten like a pancake rather than form apple or pie shaped structures).

Birds have the advantage that when they land, they do so in a controlled manner. A nice gradual descent and a perching on a branch. This is not the case with pigs - hey have evolved no such control of flight ability. The landing pig will likely make a large splat. It is possible to determine where they will land with some rough calculations. Spinning the pig about the long axis will make the flight path a bit straighter (as with spinning pig skin of a quarterback). However, the un-skinned pig is not perfectly symmetrical about its radius which will cause error to enter the calculations. Its also hard to get a pig spinning about its snout. Please consider also the implications of spinning pigs, this will cause any fecal matter that leaves the body to have additional vectors. No longer a simple drop, these will be slung far and wide.

Applied to projects:

* If you put enough manpower into any project, it will get done.
* Unfortunately, there is no telling -
o when it will get done
o what it will look like when it is done
o how many casualties there will be
o where the crap will land

Do not try to make pigs fly. It is generally a bad thing.

I will leave it to the readers to decipher what is a pig and a bird in case of MS
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Postby whyRwehere » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:39 am

From the BBC site:
Dr Belinda Weller, a consultant neurologist based in Edinburgh who specialises in MS, said the findings are "very significant" and indicated "a big breakthrough".
"This is the first major advance in MS therapy for a few years," she said. "I hope the drugs will soon be licensed."
But she expressed concerns both about possible side effects - which the trials suggested could include an increased risk of herpes and cancer - and that the new drugs could push up the cost of treating MS.

This bothered me; is she ignorant about CCSVI, or is she just ignoring it? There would be a real advance in MS therapy, if they would just consider venous problems before they tried to poison you.
I would like that T-shirt: "Stop taking Poison!"
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Postby shye » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:09 am

sorry for my too-quick comment-- this had me so upset, didn't see or think straight!
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Postby jimmylegs » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:18 am

zamboni is not questioning immune system issues in ms...
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Postby shye » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:27 am

Too often it is stated by professionals, press, MSer's that this is an immune disease. NO, it is a disease that affects the immune system--the immune issues are secondary in MS, and would disappear if the root cause were addressed.
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Postby Vonna » Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:42 am

I'm so glad that all of are "enjoying" the article.

Now I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. I think my jaw literally dropped when I watched this. I looked up sponsors last night, and of course, Bayer and Pfizer are sponsors of Fox news.

The news item clearly shows that MONEY TALKS

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Postby frodo » Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:07 am

LR1234 wrote:All sounds so great just pop these pills and the attacks stop.
The statistics according to the ITN news I saw yesterday was it stops relapses by 55% and progression by 30% hardly the big cure we were all hoping for.

As always, they do not provide an explanation about how those T-cells enter the brain. No autoimmune explanation exist, and that is a question that any researcher would ask. I wonder why they don't. Maybe they are not allowed to ask some things?
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Postby JohnAm » Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:36 am

I also thought it was strange when two prestigious neurologists, one appearing on the radio and the other on TV reporting the same news yesterday and the day before in my corner of the world … good coordination I must admit.

Where did this information come from initially I wonder… pharma company press clip? pr company/spin doctor? The reporter must have gotten the information from somewhere.

No, not a word about CCSVI here either, I have emailed a few reporters/newspaper that ought to be interested… no reaction as of yet
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Postby katie45 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:40 pm

This is (at best) revolting! I don't believe the body attacks the brain. How bloody stupid do they think we are? The body is reacting to the iron deposits that shouldn't be in the damn brain and that action causes the inflamation!! Of course that's too logical for the 'experts' to grasp. get some IP6 to chelate the iron, use incline bed therapy to allow proper circulation to heal the entire body including the brain. This BS would give JC a stroke!

forgive my anger please, I have just had it .....
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Postby Bethr » Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:20 pm

It is the iron. Hopefully some of you have read what happened to me ten days ago. I'm as good as new at the moment.

I'm learning a lot of stuff since I started to research my soul-destroying maladies! I got hooked onto this thread when I saw the reference to Killer T-Cells in the Youtube video.

See, the fact is that I have just got rid of all my symptoms, it took 24 hours (after 2-3 years of joint pain, fatigue and sleeping) and I just happen to have multitudes of Killer T-Cells. I lost my spleen in a car accident when I was thirteen, and the outcome is that I have slightly different chemistry than most, one of things that changes is the amount of killer T-cells circulating around. I have them in abundance. I've even read that people who are asplenic like me are less likely to get cancer.

So I'd suggest that nobody kills off their Killer-T's. I'm over this malady for the moment and If I can help anyone else fire away.

I gave blood, it was that simple. Dropped my iron levels instantly.
Everything came back, even my libido :D

Maybe this happened to me BECAUSE I don't have a spleen. If that's the case, I apologise for getting peoples hopes up.

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Postby sbr487 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:06 pm

This is what we could be up against:
[url] ... s_medicine
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