Letter from Dr Simka. It sucks realy

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Postby JoyIsMyStrength » Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:19 am

I've emailed both Simka and Kostecki weeks and weeks ago with no reply. Don't know enough about ameds.

I've given up on Poland and will follow cheer's advice and see if I can find a Florida Interventional Neuroradiologist who would be willing to test me. Very difficult since I must rely on others to drive me anywhere at this point and while that sounds easier than traveling overseas, at least I knew what to expect and that everything would be done properly.

So I'll join the rallying cry: go local. It may turn out to be outrageously expensive for us but we believe in this and will sell our house and go live in a shack if we have to. My husband and I both feel it would be worth it.

Thank you, cheer, for continuing to beat this drum. It took me awhile to really "hear" it because the Poland drum was beating more loudly, at least for me. But I'm on board now.

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