Christina K. Interview (German Magazine Stern)

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Christina K. Interview (German Magazine Stern)

Postby AntonioBR » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:19 am

Christina Kiening Interview

(German Magazine Stern)


English translation of the interview given by Christina Kiening to the German magazine Stern - gesund leben (Star - healthy life), about the results she is having with the Coimbra Protocol. Christina is the founder of the FB group "Vitamin D und MS - Coimbraprotokoll".

Christina Kiening, 43

"I probably had my first MS relapse as early as 2002. At that time, my legs buckled, I was suddenly paralyzed on the left side of my body, the left half of my face hung down, my optic nerves were inflamed. There was a suspicion of multiple sclerosis. With a lumbar puncture, the diagnosis could have been confirmed, but I declined. I was just 28, newly married, I was doing well - I surely had nothing to do with such a terrible illness.
The symptoms receded, and in fact I was doing well for many years - so well that I completely forgot that the suspicion of MS had ever occurred. Maybe I just wanted to forget it.

In 2010 I suddenly got headaches and back pain, could not concentrate at work, could not bear the noise in the office. That this could have something to do with MS did not occur to me. Instead, I ran from one doctor to the next, no one was able to help me. The stress in the job, I thought. I had risen in the company hierarchy and had to contribute a great deal. After changing to a different company, it became even worse. You are burnout - declared the general practitioner, and gave me sick leave.

In May 2015 I felt so bad that it was no longer possible to explain that with "I'm burnout" - especially since my life actually was affected by the physical symptoms. I had no strength, my feet were cold and numb, I could not run anymore. Now finally I had an MRI done. The radiologist discovered five active lesions. Brain and spinal cord were full of MS lesions. After this shock, I did what everyone did: research. Since I had worked at a pharma company, I was able to consult experts.

About the conventional therapy with MS, the colleagues advised me: results are questionable, serious side effects, billions in business, but ethically not justifiable. "Do you want to kill me?" I asked my neurologist, who wanted to prescribe those drugs to me. "What should I do?" He replied. "Against MS there is nothing else.

"After some sessions with steroids to slow the relapse, I went looking for ways of helping my body to fight the disease.

I tried it with homeopathy, made a bowel rehabilitation, used ketogenic diet (based on a lot of fat and without sugar). I had a root-based treatment, which caused me problems. And I meditated every day. Nevertheless, I was always worse: I could not leave my apartment anymore, I needed help in the bathroom, I had to wear diapers. I was not fit for work. Without my husband and good friends, I would not have survived that time.

The neurologist recommended that I take vitamin D because of its great importance to the immune system, and the skin can not produce it sufficiently in our low-sun latitudes. My dentist advised me to increase the dosage drastically - and then I suddenly noticed that my well-being improved significantly. I researched and met the Brazilian doctor Cicero Coimbra, who has treated thousands of patients with vitamin D in extremely high doses that would be toxic to healthy people. In the case of autoimmune diseases, according to Coimbra's theory, a disorder of the vitamin D metabolism is present in patients with autoimmune disorders, so that patients need very high doses. The treatment must be supervised by a doctor. In any case, you should not take large amounts of vitamin D on your own.

With that information in hands, I went to my general practitioner. "Sounds almost too good to be true," he said. "But we will try." This was a year ago, and now my disease can hardly be noticed by whoever look at me. Some hearing loss has remained, a slight gait disturbance, a slight muscle weakness and a little less energy, a mild visual impairment - trifles. Previously, I was really a wreck. I have MRI images of my brain before and after the start of the treatment: On the first picture you can see five active lesions; on the second picture not a single one is active. It even looks as if the old group of lesions has become smaller, so the brain seems to be regenerating itself. Doctors think this is impossible. I am very glad that I have never given up, that I have taken care of my recovery, instead of trusting solely in the advice of my doctors."
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