one for the merry swanksters

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one for the merry swanksters

Postby jimmylegs » Thu May 04, 2017 5:34 pm

i googled 'ms is a hoax' and this came up ... et-fact-or

hahaha! dr swank has a fan (one of many obvi). i had to look up this committee. learned about their jousting with the AMA etc.

anyhoo, being as focused as i am on micronutrients i am appallingly uninformed in the macronutrient department. but what i do know is that in my case i had to work my way UP to an appropriate level of fat in diet. and there were some terrible, terrible nutritional gaps in my fifteen year negligible-fat-strict-vegan diet (probably markedly worse than terry wahls' 20 year vegetarian routine would have been).

we don't all take the same route to our health problems; makes sense that we can't all travel the same route to good health either.

sometimes i wonder how different the various diets actually are from each other - but then i don't check. if anyone's made a comparison spreadsheet or web page or something i'd check that out...
take control of your own health
pursue optimal self care at least as actively as a diagnosis
ask for referrals to preventive health care specialists eg dietitians
don't let suboptimal self care muddy any underlying diagnostic picture!
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