Bioness L300 (for footdrop) For Sale - Right Leg

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Bioness L300 (for footdrop) For Sale - Right Leg

Postby KHofeldt » Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:41 am

I used my Bioness L300 for almost a year before my MS progressed beyond the point of it being helpful. I feel as though I was not completely informed by my doctors or the Bioness sales rep about the short term helpfulness of this device. However, I had several occurances that caused episodes progressing my disease faster than anticipated. Anyway, my loss is your gain! I paid $5900 for this devise new, again I wasn't told that you could purchase it used and have it recalibrated for a new person. This is a right leg unit, L300 for foot drop and I would be happy to sell it to the first interested party for $2000 which will help me pay for my new wheelchair. I appreciate you passing this information along to anyone who might be able to benefit from the Bioness. Feel free to contact me via email at
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Re: Bioness L300 (for footdrop) For Sale - Right Leg

Postby Bioness » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:14 am

Anyone using a Bioness device is required to have a prescription for use from a physician. Bioness cannot legally or ethically support anyone’s use of any device purchased “used” from another individual. Therefore, if you purchase a Bioness device in this manner you will not be able to receive technical support or supplies. This policy is enforced to protect individuals as Bioness cannot be sure that the second-hand device is in proper and safe working order. Bioness can be reached at 1.800.211.9136, option 2 to answer any questions.
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