Answer to a question from a member re my Mary MS thread.belo

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Answer to a question from a member re my Mary MS thread.belo

Postby stevelord » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:54 pm

A member told me he saw no relation between the fetal position of the hand and healing and my reply is:

Do you believe in evolution? Do we not evolve benefits to our conditions? Is not laughter said to be immunostimulative.There is a book about it. What about vitamin D from sunlight. Ever hiked through dense plant area? EVer stood by the seashore? Ever compared the health effects of vegan food to meat? WE were in that jungle when our bodies were formed and ate their for millions of years, ate meat to any degree when we exited the jungle for the plains of Serenghetti, , only thousands of years ago, evolved to like the taste but the rest of our bodies havent evolved long enough with meat to form a health benefit yet. GIve it a million years. Does not walking provide a health benefit, we evolved walking. Running on the other hand suppresses the immunit according to a study I read and acc. to my experience confirmingy, no evolution there because we so rarely ran. Etc

Thus having our hand or hands up is not magic, rather it is something fetus' did long enough to form a gene for a benefit. IF our hand position in the womb had been to have our hand on our knee then now having our hand on our knee would help us and the fetus thrive. Do you see now? I am telling you that imitating fetal hand positions is the most powerful healing method across the board of any method in history. And no one knew it until I get this factor in my blood that allowed me to know it instantly because my muscles contract when my immunity is being stimulated by anything, as I said. . No one had his hand up , not moving it, nothing in their hand , for an hour or two with a cold, for example, or if he did, never correlated the vanishing of that cold with having his hand up. IF such a thing happened, they would not have attributed the end of the cold to having that hand up, immune stimulation in all other people is not accompanied by a bodily response that one can feel. After I established that it was stimulating my immunity better than anything else I had ever tried, and did not conk out, I tested it or others I new did, for 40 other illnesses injuries or bodily functioining, and it proved to be the most powerful health treatment in history , Depression, growth of resorbed bone from hip implant, all sorts of infections in incredible speed, resolution of acne cysts and herpes simplex bouts overnight, chronic fatigue syndrome-the classical form where the immune system stays turned on all the time-, autoimmunity, bronchitis, powerful antinflammatory response, further significant healing of injuries long since having stopped healing, asthma, hay fever allergy,
wart removal,, ten people have commented on its benefit in sleep, faster, deeper, more vivid dreams, stay asleep longer, faster to go into deep sleep after awakening at night so refereshed even if have to get up a lot at night, , increse in muscle building from weight lifting over and above what was experienced without it, etc etc, so not just for immune stimulation, stimulation of all body functioning benefically, is what the evidence I gather shows. But I and the other testers had to be away from radiation from nearby electronic for it to work, as Ive posted.

Steve Lord


Re: Answer to a question from a member re my Mary MS thread.

Postby stevelord » Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:12 pm

Here is a more complete list of things I and or others have used one the other of the ways to imitate the fetal hand positions followed by Speedi Vussi" emails again describing his successes re same on autoimmune ulcerative colitis which he told me in another email he had not had a remissio for in the entire 20 years he had had UC, and also on his 20 hay fever problem and also on his sleep.

1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Schizophrenia
4. Mania
5. Bronchitis
6 Influenza
7. food poisoning
9. Increased circulation
10. ulcerative colitis
11. Migraine, prevention and cuure, cured it immediatelly if catch it when it starts, in like a minute.
12 Rheumatoid Arthritis
13. 3 types of allergies-hay fever 75% is removed in 15 minutes-completely in
longer use
14 asthma
15 bone regrowth to a resorbing bone around a hip implant.
16 reduction in the speed of spread of male pattern baldness
17 Fatigue of various types
18 acceleration of amount of muscle building a day after a workout with
19 greater amount of weight that could be lifted during a workout, alternating
each set the wearing of the cotton with not wearing it
20. Quicker time to begin sleep, longer sleep, deeper more refreshing sleep, more vivid dreaming, more
dreaming evidently-reported by many
21 Partial healing of old brain damage that had long since stopped healing
as well as recent brain damage
22 accelerated healing of and increased resistance to reinjuring tendon injuries
23 extremely rapid elimination of pain (anti-inflammatory?) from burns which
returns when ceasubg treatnebt
24 calming effect reported by all
25 increased dopamine release as shown by improvement immediately, although not
great, in restless leg syndrome and a mild greater sense of well being
immediately even in healthy people
26 very rapid lessening of pain in chronic rotator cuff injury
27 tooth infection
28 increased sexual arousal and pleasure, increased orgasm intensity
29 more rapid resolution of acne cysts
30 repeated elimination of muscle spasm in foot from a stroke while treating
31 colds and accompanying sore throats-sore throats and fever gone within an
hour or less, colds one to two hours cured
32 resolution of herpes simplex in a day as opposed to the normal week it had
always taken me--several times

34 Common headache
35 Dissolving of amyloids, the type formed in association with infections if combined with
one other type of immune stimulation--I used walking fast as that other type
usually. A cousin of this type of amyloid is the cause of Alzheimer's. I am hoping
that it will work for that too but is now untested.
36 Significant further healing of vocal cords after healing had ceases for
37 Immediate increase in energy
38 You could try it on your tennis or golf game to see if greater power or
coordination was seen but we haven't tried it for that yet.
39. Hiccups, itching, bouts of sneezing.

Emails from a user:


speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote: Hello Steve

I have read an article written by you about the fetal cure

Is this some sort of joke or is it real?.

Where did you learn about this technique if it is indeed not a hoax?

Should I place a piece of cotton wool in both ears or just one ear?

I have been suffering for colitis for more than 20 years and I am prepared
try anything that will free me of this dreaded disease.

Second Email.

speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote: Hello Steve

I did the fetal cure last night and the results were amazing. I was
suffering a
severe flareup with my colitis during the last few weeks. I was having
about 20
bowel movements of watery and bloody stools.

I placed a cotton ball in my right ear and then sat in the dark for about
hour. I then went to bed with the cotton ball still intact in my ear. I
got up
this morning and changed the cotton ball and then took a shower with it.

I only had one bowel movement today. There was no blood in my stools My
had a better formation though still watery. My abdominal and back pains
gone. Yes colitis is a autoimmune disease. I would appreciate it if you
let me know what to avoid with colitis.

I would the address of your webside by searching google for a cure for
Someone placed the address of your website on the following message board

P.S : Can you tell me how you came to know about this wonderful cure?


Third Email

speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote:Hello Steve

Day 3 report.

All my symptoms of colitis have disappeared except that my stool formation
still not normal. I have noticed that my hayfever/rhinitis has completely
vanished. I have been a hayfever sufferer as long as I was suffering from
colitis. I will meet my mother in law on Saturday and I will ask her what
of arthritis she has.

P.S : Can I post your website on other IBD message boards. I have suffered
such a long time and I really feel sorry for others who have been
from this disease. Not everyone will try this cure but there must be other
desperate people like me who are willing to give it a try


Forth email:

speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote:Hello Steve

Sorry that I was not in contact with you during the last few days. I was
feeling so well that I decided to take a little vacation into the
mountains. I
would have written to you but unfortunately I did not have access to the

I have been literally pigging myself during the last few days. I was
making up
for all the good foods I denied myself for years. Foods that irritated my
colitis. I can eat anything that my heart desires now

I am still using the cotton ball. My stools are getting more formed by the
I have an enormous amount of energy. Another thing that I noticed is that
sleep much more better with the cotton ball and I am not waking up very
like I previously did.


Re: Answer to a question from a member re my Mary MS thread.

Postby stevelord » Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:31 pm

Here are some posts from people I got to try the holding one hand in the fetus most common hand position, up near the chin or clavicle , holding the hand reasonably still, nothing in the hand, which causes the same effect as putting your finger in your ear, (or organic cotton), or putting the thumb in the mouth, which are also common fetal hand positions.

You can rest your elbow on something while doing this.
The last four people who tried this reported complete cure of their colds, even bad ones which caused two of them a trip to the Doctor , in an hour or less. One was a neighbor who was so skeptical I almost had to beat her over the head to get her to try it.

Here are some examples of people using this method:

1) A woman from Alaska tried this and this is the message she sent me about it.

"Hi! I was suffering from a severe sore throat and chest cold thing that was well into its second week and still going strong when I tried your suggestion. I had not had any sickness in about five years. I immediately- with no winding down or slow reduction of the glaring symptoms- was relieved just boom-GONE! Not a sputter or putter thereafter, and no more 103 fever, I just assumed the position, and in less than 10 minutes-I was completely symptom free. Stunning! Thank you very much!"

2) "...................I gave my friend the instructions, although he claimed to have some doubt as to the likelihood that it could work for him-he's 6'4 and 260lbs- he followed them to a tee, and, not surprisingly, he no longer has the deep chest cold and nasty flu-like symptoms-including vomiting, that for several days he was experiencing. He was quite shocked. He said that in about an hour, the congestion and waves of cramping in his gut stopped-cold. He now has no doubt that this works."

3) "Steve, you know how you always stipulate that the ‘fetal cure’ won’t work for smokers. Therefore, I never tried it. But I did read the report below and the one you sent along a day or two earlier and I remembered that you recommend the technique for depression as well. So I thot if it works for depression, then why not angst? No harm in trying it whether I smoke or not. So I did it for something close to ten minutes yesterday.

I had already gone through one of those angst bouts earlier and had turned the corner on it which made it difficult to know if subsequent improvement was attributable to the technique or not. Whatever the case, feelings of tension and stress lifted further and results improved dramatically for a time although the stress did return later in the day.

But this improvement wasn’t the real story. I have a sinus condition, something I have had off and on for many yrs and very persistently for the last four or five. I have tried antibiotics from time to time and they do lessen it but it always comes back. It’s just something I have learned to live with and don’t think about most times. When I decided to do the exercise, I wasn’t even thinking about the condition and didn’t until I noticed that my sinuses were draining. This started to occur within minutes of doing the exercise. Didn’t pay it any attention at first but when my nose started to ‘run’ and the sinus passages actually cleared I couldn’t deny the change any longer. So far, there has been no reversal of the improvement and when I woke up this morning I was still totally clear. I have since experienced more drainage but it is much lighter and sinus passages remain unblocked. This is remarkable." and the same person says: "I cant say yet for sure if it reduces anxiety any better than other techniques such as deep breathing. I think it does but more experimentation is reqd. No question about the sinus condition though. While the symptoms did return slightly yesterday, they were greatly reduced and further practice with the position last night had the same positive effect as the first time. I woke up this morning with clear sinuses."

4) " Also, about being near electronic devices, that is very true. My body is very sensitive to such things, and many other things many people are not aware of the effects these have on their bodies, and i can usually tell right away what the problem is."

Steve Lord

Re: Answer to a question from a member re my Mary MS thread.

Postby stevelord » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:08 am

Hmmm, looking up some of these MS drugs and thinking about it more it may be ok to try the fetlal hand therapy even while taking one of them. Many seem way different than the across the board immune suppressants like the synthetic pain killers or I guess predisone. and any drug that suppresses inflamation wiould I guess suppress immunity to some degree and many of these drugs do have that mode of action. Plus in MS we arent trying to cure an infection whereby one would need all of his immunity to succeed, we are just trying to better regulate our immune system or block certain immune cells from getting by the blood brain barrier, so maybe the fetal hand position could work even in the presence of an MS drug., who knows. One might ask your Doc if its ok to try it and make sure he understands that it improves all functioning of the body I have tested it for, and one thing I know for sure it it increases circulation such that I was very close to a toxic dose of selenium from taking selenium supplements but had no symptoms until I treated with the fetal hand position and then almost immediately got selenium poisoning symptoms , which disappeared in seconds of me stopping having my hand in the fetal hand position, and then I did the same thing with the same results about e more times to make sure, so increasing circulation must increase drug effect while the circulation is being increased. even though it wouldnt raise the blood level of the drug, presumably by having more drug pass by the toxic area per second.

Steve Lord

Steve Lord

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