Neuron Image

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Neuron Image

Postby mscaregiver » Wed Oct 06, 2004 1:27 am

The below image is a nerve cell (Neuron), As so many terms are often used in our discussions, I decided to draw this image and I thought perhaps by being able to see this it would help in understanding Myelin damage.

I did not focus on perfect dimensions as the image is for example and not schematic exactness.

As we all know , once the Myelin damage occurs, then the signals are corrupted and those with MS have the problems associated with the Myelin damage.

Although very complex, you can consider the Neuron as a message carrier, information is gathered, analyzed, then sent to the correct place to create the correct function.

Just as with a piece of wire, if you damage the material that covers the wire, then what is flowing threw the wire can escape or not make its trip correctly, causing numerous problems.

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