Leg Braces..input from the experienced.

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Leg Braces..input from the experienced.

Postby Boopieup » Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:58 am

You'd think the suppliers of leg braces would be extra careful with an MS patient with decreased sensitivity in the legs and thinned skin. But no. I received KAFO braces Monday. The guy put them on me; first he put some sort of compression hose on me, which I told him not to because they would and did make things worse and then he told me to stand up. In doing so, my legs had to be bent causing my right calf to get pinched. Damn that hurt. He looked behind there and tried to push my calf in and pulled the knee hose up a little to hold the calf in. It continued to pinch. It hurt really bad.
Later on, after he left, I looked at the calf to see if there was any damage. Lo and behold there was a wound with a big ole bruise around it. My skin split from the pressure of being pinched. How do ya like that? No wonder it hurt like hell. Good thing I'm not on blood thinners.

So my question is this. Do any of you have any ideas of some kind of padding to put behind the top, near the knee bend, of both calfs, that allows the knees to bend forward?

I thought maybe others might have some knowledge. These are the first leg braces I've ever gotten.

My home health nurse and PTist haven't a clue, but both told me not to use the braces until they're fixed. I told the KAFO supplier to come up with something--haven't heard back.

Keyword here WTF!
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